3 Career Paths To Support and Work With Athletes

Athletes career pathsAthletes career paths

Sports is one of our favorite things in the United States, and indeed the entire world. Athletes such as Michael Jordan, Lebron James, and Tom Brady have etched their names in the annals of history with their greatness in the field of play, and they’ve inspired countless fans to achieve their own personal greatness. Perhaps, the greatest thing about sports is its ability to inspire others to work hard to accomplish their goals against difficult odds. And all of the greats will tell you that they wouldn’t have been able to do the amazing things they’ve done without the people they worked with throughout their careers.

At every level of sports, there are people working closely with the athletes helping them to be at their best so they can excel in their respective fields of competition. In many cases, the athletes with the best-supporting casts are the most successful.

So, if you’re in love with sports but don’t see professional or collegiate sports competition in your future, there are still a lot of rewarding ways to be around the game you love. Continue reading to learn about some career paths that will enable you to support and work with athletes.

1. Go into Coaching

As you know, the one sport where there isn’t a coach, trainer, or manager? Every athlete needs someone in their corner who’s not directly in the fray or on the field of play who can see the competition from a different perspective and create an effective game plan. Coaches are essential at all levels of sports, and in collegiate sports, coaches attain more prominent status than players since they typically last much longer at that level.

Earning your masters in sports administration will open a world of opportunities, including coaching, and you could even become an athletic director at a major university and lead their entire athletics department. A degree in sports administration can take you a long way in the sports industry.

2. Make Sports Beverages and/or Nutritional Supplements for Athletes

A great way to work with athletes without getting involved directly in the sports industry is to make nutritional supplements and beverages for athletes. They have to be in great shape to compete at the highest levels, and sports nutrition companies, from those that make sports drinks to protein powder manufacturers, work closely with athletes to ensure they make effective products.

Product developers get insight from athletes about what they need to be at peak performance, giving them the inside track on important sports nutrition information. You could even get athletes to endorse your products if they like them enough.

3. Become an Athlete Development Specialist

For many athletes, their best friend is their trainer. However, training professional and collegiate athletes is much different than training the average person.

Athlete development specialists use the latest in sports science and nutrition to help their clients prepare physically and mentally for the highest levels of competition. There are plenty of opportunities in both skill and physical training.

As you know, the world of athletics is vast, meaning you don’t have to be a competitor to get involved in the game you love. Athletes need all kinds of support to be at their best, and there are plenty of ways you can contribute to their greatness. The most popular route for people to take who want to work with athletes is coaching.

Working in sports nutrition will also allow you to work closely with athletes to learn what they want from nutritional supplements. You could also work in athlete development, helping them get in shape so they can compete at the highest levels. So, there are many ways you can work with athletes without being one.

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