Drippler iOS App for iPad, iPhone – Review

In this we review Drippler iOS app for Apple iPad, iPhone 5C, 5S, 5, 4S, 4, iPod, iPod Touch, iPad Air & other iOS 7 devices.

One of the effective, comprehensive and most essential apps which a phone should have is the Drippler which gives you information and news about everything which is related to your handset. This is an amazing app which has been working on Android platform since 2011 and even on the iPhone since March 2013.Dripper appDripper app

What can Drippler do for you? You will be always engaged with news, cool and fresh apps; fixes and related bugs which will give you’re thinking a new direction. It really improves the capability of the valued mobile user which encompasses several activities which can be done with the help of your device. You will be never required to search here and there for latest news or device information because Drippler does all for you!

From November 7, 2013 onwards, iPad users can also take the advantages of Drippler apart from the creamy layer of Android and iPhone owners because an updated version 1.2 of the app has been recently launched.

Drippler – Setup Process

Visit iOS app store and look for the free Drippler to download and install the application in your device. Just open the app after successful installation and get ready to sign in with your favorite Facebook account.

You also enjoy the option of skipping this choice because you can change the Settings to sign in with your Twitter account. This app has got the capability of detecting everything about your device such as cellular provider, iOS version and device model; which simply means you will not have to worry about app settings.

Now, you can play games or skip the option to land at the main page by clicking on Get Started where you will find My Drips feed.

Visit Settings page of Drippler to remove the game section.

Sort your Drips

The default action of My Drips will be set to All, further sorted by Top which will show you the most essential and popular news or articles, relevant to your device.

Dropdown menu for sorting purpose will provide you with trendy and useful options like Games, Recent, Apps and News & Tips.

It should be noted here that Drippler extracts feeds from highly reliable and reputed Apple sources such as AppStorm, TUAW, iMore, Mac Rumors, Touch Arcade, The Next Web, 9to5Mac, GottaBeMobile and many more with occasional views of WonderHowTo.

The users will be able to see the main page of feeds in both portrait and landscape modes, of course, 9-10 articles in a single view. iPad will provide you a more clear and crisp visibility against that of the iPhone which limits the view to only 3 articles.

Drips Reading

Reading all the relevant device drips will be much easier and comfortable for you. The user is free to bring full scrape articles in the view of My Drips in order to read the entire page.

What makes the app interesting here is that it also provides an alternative link to the App which is in the news or specific article so that you can directly download the app on your device.

Drippler also provides an option as Read Source which is present at the bottom of Drip for those websites that contain partial scrapes in RSS Feeds. There is no need of any additional app to view the article or news because it will be then opened in Drippler’s own browser.

Swipe option is also available which makes it easy to see the next or previous Drip to the current one, saving your time and energy which would otherwise require you to visit the main page of My Drips to get all drips. It should be mentioned here that swiping action will not work in case of Daily Drip Notification or in the built-in browser section.

Sharing Drips and marking them as Favorite

One of the best options for personalizing the drips is to Like or click on Favorite feature. What makes the feature interesting is that you will automatically share the drip on your Facebook page as soon as you have liked it. Of course, you can disable this feature of automated sharing by visiting the Facebook Settings page.

On the other hand, Favorite feature allows you to categories specific articles in a different section on the main page of Drippler app from where you can read it later on, which is not possible with Like option. Even if you have logged in with or added Twitter or Facebook accounts but do not like the automated sharing feature, you can click on Share option which equips you with mailing option.

Management and setting Up of Daily Drip Notifications

Of course, daily notifications will show you the hottest and most trendy article for the specific day and Daily Drips feature is enabled by default. It is not always possible to show one drip daily rather you may get none or two drips on a day which greatly depends on the day’s content. iPhone Drippler app fetched some bugs to the users by bringing them on to the My Drips feed main page rather than to the specific article whenever they clicked on a particular feed.

It seems that this bug has been patched up because improvements have been noticed for both Apple devices in the last few days however; you may encounter problem with multiple notifications. When you get two or three notifications in a day, you might click on your favorite one but the others will be lost. At last, you will have to search for the rest of articles if you remember anything about the topic, which hardly happens.

In case, you want to disable the notifications or badge alert on the home screen, you can do so by visiting iOS Settings>Notification Center and then tap on Drippler. You can also disable the notifications from the Drippler’s Settings panel.

Limitations and issues in Drippler

Every app has got a few bugs and limitations so Drippler is not a different one.

  • Inappropriate content – You may find a plenty of irrelevant content on Drippler which cannot be fixed with ease. Of course, you can make use of ‘Report an Issue’ feature available in Help section but there is no Flag option. They seem to be bothering and unwanted junk for many users and they have tried to flag content as irrelevant, duplicate or inappropriate on the official website of Drippler but it seems to be inactive because it is not well-managed like that of the app.
  • Confusing of faulty notifications – Of course, there is some issue with the Daily Drip notifications panel which often confuse the Apple user. However, Sidebar will present you with Daily Drip section which gives information about fresh and latest guides and articles.
  • Poor search option and results – Drippler is not perfect and well managed with its search option because the Search feature does not seem to be showing good and accurate results like in case of Newsstand app in iOS 7.

Supported Handsets: iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4, 3GS, iPad & iPod Touch (optimized for iOS 7)

Drippler is overall better and essential app

No doubt, Drippler has got some unwanted technical issues but it does not mean that it is not essential for your phone. Apple users must have this application to know the latest information and articles related to their device.

This app will provide up to date and correct information about the accessories, games, interesting articles, updates, new apps, alerts & fixes for the bugs; rumors and news for future iOS which will make you leader in the box.

Get hidden Dripiano

When you like to find the Drippler app using the search option, you will get The Dripiano – a cool and attractive but hidden Easter egg inside with an opportunity to play with traditional Drip sounds.

Playing the app in your own style may crash it but you will love the fun offered if everything goes smoothly.

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