CPMLeader Best CPM Ad Network for Small Publisher

CPMLeader.com is a CPM Advertising network which is for the beginners. Check out the CPM ad network payout, reviews, payment proof details.

CPMLeader.com is a CPM Advertising network which is for the beginners & well established sites as well. Here check out the CPM Leader payout details, site requirements review of it and the payment proof of the same.CPMLeaderCPMLeader

For those webmasters who have started just now and have no visitors or fewer visitors, its highly unlikely that they will get approved from top CPM network like Tribal Fusion. The requirement of Tribal Fusion is so that your site should be on top 10 of the niche that you have chosen. In such scenario you need to choose a CPM network which has low requirements for approval and pays you on time.

CPM Leader is a CPM based advertising network. As they are back of improving their company standards their requirement is quite low. They accept traffic from every country. Webmasters and blogger can add various size of banners on their site like 728×90, 468×60, 300×250 and 160×600 px but the high paying is 300 x 250 ad slot. The good thing is that you can place 3 banners on a single page.

CPMLeader Rates

I do agree that they pay very less CPM rates and Tribal Fusion pays lot better but CPM Rates set by CPMLeader is quite impressive in comparison with other CPM Ad networks.

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The good thing is that you have the real-time statistics of the report update every 2 minutes. These ad codes provided by CPM Leader are very clean and fast and they doesn’t include any pop ups or viruses or redirects. CPM Leader is handling more than 100 publishers around the world.

When some one is dealing with the CPM network, one would be interested to know what the CPM rate fixed for visitors around the world, as this goes –

  • $ 1.15 is a good CPM for visitors from United States
  • CPM rates around the top-tier countries are very good compared to other etworks
  • They count 1 impression / 1 banner / 24 hours

CPM Leader handles payment twice a month and the minimum payout is just $ 5 via Paypal. They also have affiliate program by which you can earn 15 % referral commission for the earning generated by your down liners.

CPM Leader Affiliate Program

CPMLeader invites users participation to grow their network and let your friends now about it. The Affiliate program provided by CPM Leader will allow users to earn 15 % of their referral earning. Please note that the minimum payout for the affiliate earning is $ 5 and this is separated from the daily earning report.

The Affiliate earning reports are shown on the reports page itself and you need to click on Show/Hide referrals to get the full details on how much you have earned from each of the referrals.

Why to Prefer CPM Leader?

I recommend CPM Leader to all the publishers to try it out and test your self. I am sure you will be happy to see your earning growing. I Prefer CPM Leader for the following reasons –

  • $5 Minimum Payout
  • Pays Twice a Month
  • Payment Instantaneously, no NET 30 or NET 60
  • Decent Affiliate Program
  • You can Place 3 Banners on Single web page
  • Minute by Minute reports update

All details together at one place –

Publisher Minimum Requirement Direct Approval
Commission Type CPM Model only
Maximum Banners/Page 3 Banners + Popups
Ad Sizes 300 x 250,160 x 600, 728 x 90, 468 x 60
Revenue Share 60:40
Payment Threshold $5
Payment Terms NET 7
Payment Method PayPal
Contact/Support Contact Page

Payment Proof

The following is the payment proof screenshot –

December 2013 Payment Proof

Some FAQs

Can CPMLeader be used with AdSense?

Answer: There is no rule that CPMLeader can’t be integrated on those site where AdSense ads are placed. You can use both together.

Is CPMLeader a Fraud/Scam Site?

No, not at all! we have been paid a dozen time by CPMLeader.


CPM Leader is finally a good CPM for the beginner and for the users who are rejected by the top CPM ad networks. Its obviously recommended because it has low minimum payout.

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