CashtoRefer Review – Payment Proof, Scam Advice

CashtoRefer reviewCashtoRefer review

We have reviewed site here. Check CashtoRefer payment proof, scam advise from the expert.

Question by Ranjit: My friend Ganesh invited me to join for which he will be get paid $2 just because I joined using his affiliate link. Instead of arguing with him, I directly emailed you to suggest an advise on it, whether it’s a scam or yet another fake site on the web?

Answer: or in quick time has attracted a lot many visitors because what they pay for each member is unbelievable thing. People believe that they can generate quick money on internet spending few hours a day and they easily get attracted to quick make money tips.

CashtoRefer offers $10 as the signup bonus and per each referral to bring it to them, you get $2. They talk big in terms of figures as they have around 3,22,255 members with total earn of them about $305,500. Out of this 220,542 members have got paid. As a geek user on the web, I can easily say that these stats are complete fake.

As first when you sign up with them, you will see $10 in your account and money will keep accumulated into your account when you refer it to your friends. You will be happy to see quick earning into your account but they trick all customers when you reach $100 minimum payout. The company does smart trick here as they ask you to complete suggested paid surveys. Let me tell you that there exists CPA and paid surveys by which you can make money easily but CashtoRefer has some smart programming to integrate these paid surveys in the site. Now for completing these surveys, the site owner will be paid but you are never paid. Once the survey is completed, you will have to wait for minimum of 30 days to get paid but by the given date arrives, you willn’t be paid. There exists lot many scams which charge you money directly but with CashtoRefer your time is wasted first and then your hard-end money isn’t into your pocket.

Point which made us to report it as fake site –

  • Nonexistent or fake contact us address, email
  • $100 is too high payout, only Google AdSense has that – too high for many
  • Online reports suggest non-payment to many members
  • No site pays you $2 as a referral income for just joining
  • No clear idea on how site makes money so that they can pay members

Other Sources Claiming CashtoRefer as Fake Site

A member at Moneymakergroup forum highlights some points how CashtoRefer cheats people on the web.

Trusted site ScamGuard reports for fraudulent site with  $7,111,302.42 unpaid reported to them.

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