Why VigLink is Best Companion Along with Google AdSense

VigLink ReviewVigLink Review

Reasons why VigLink is Best Companion to Google AdSense instead of Kontera or Infolinks.

You might be using Google AdSense to monetize your blog to extract income and you will be happy considering all other networks pays not even half of what Google AdSense offers you – best in the business. Over the past few months, I am sticking with low earning, that’s because I was asked to remove 336 x 280 or any other ad just below the title of each blog post. Now you all know that this is the position where you get maximum attention and if you have ads here you are bound get better Click through Rate(CTR).

Well, I prefer to stay optimistic and removed ads below Post title (In the view of Google they are considered misleading as any viewer will consider them as text). Due to this, my revenue dropped to less than half and I started looking for a better companion with AdSense and I was happy to find VigLink. At first, it was just like any other In-Text Ad network but the true results came in after one month.

AdSense with VigLink

VigLink is not a CPC or CPM or a mix of both. In simple words its program for unknowingly managing affiliate program on your blog. In simple words, VigLink monetizes web page by automatically adding affiliate links on content. Online retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, IndiaPlaza pays referring sites when the purchase takes place but how many affiliate programs would you be working. It can be enabled on any website by adding simple JavaScript and you are ready to generate revenue.

While AdSense continues, VigLink earning is additional earning for me. After a few days of trial, I was able to generate the same revenue as that I generate from Google AdSense. So for me, it’s a perfect companion while running Google AdSense on your blog. Moreover, it has not high requirements to be accepted as publishers and payment are quite easy through PayPal.

This video shows you how Viglink works –

Once you signup and your account is approved, it will take few days to access your site and then you are up. On your page, on articles you will see few links added, it looks like normal hyper-linking and it doesn’t hurt you much.

Another reason you should go with VigLink is that of its affiliate program (referral program) which pays 35 % of your referral earning for the first year. So that’s quite an easy earning and I hope you signup with my referral link given here for this wonderful money-making tip.

Patience – The Key

Any ad network will take 7-10 days to understand your traffic and deliver ads accordingly. You can’t determine ad network performance on basis of 3 to 4 days usage. I inserted the VigLink code on my blog and forget it for first 20-25 days. I still gave the ad network another 15 days time and the results they were very sweet. If you are trying it then please, please use it for atleast a month and then see the results.

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