5 Ways to Make New Residents Feel Welcome


A recent survey by OnePoll on behalf of North American Van Lines showed that more than 64% of people who move consider it to be one of the most stressful events! If you’ve ever moved, then you may know this to be true for you too!

Since moving and getting settled into a new place is stressful for residents, it’s up to you to help them through it.

Whenever you have a new tenant moving in, there are things you can do to make them feel welcome. Check out these tips for some advice on what to focus on to make their move-in stress-free.

1. Give Them a Welcome Gift

Putting together a welcome gift for new residents may not seem like that big of a deal. But when you’re stressed out and trying to unpack, receiving a welcome gift is refreshing!

To put together a welcome package, here are a few things you may want to include:

  • Soda and bottled water
  • A few rolls of toilet paper and paper towels
  • Healthy snacks like granola bars
  • A gift card to a local cafe
  • A magnet with your email and phone number to put on the fridge

Get creative with your welcome gift and include a few personalized gifts too. You may have gotten to know the tenants throughout your correspondence. For example, if they have a dog, you may want to throw in a dog toy or treats in the package too!

2. Provide Them with the Utilities Info

By the time your tenants move in, they’ll want everything set up. This includes having access to things like electricity and gas. After all, no one wants to deal with taking a cold shower or not being able to turn on the lights!

That’s why you should give them contact information for all the utility companies ahead of time. They will likely want to get things set up beforehand, so give it to them at least a week in advance.

Having their utilities lined up before they move in will give them a chance to unpack and settle in. It’ll be nice for them to move in without having to worry about that.

3. Get Back to Their Questions Right Away

If they have questions when they move in, it’s wise to get back to them quickly. Doing this will show them you’re available and care about their needs.

Tenants will be likely to stick around longer than their lease if you’re communicative. So, going the extra mile by getting back to them ASAP will keep them around for the long haul.

If you’re busy doing other tasks, you may want to consider getting a virtual leasing agent tool like LeaseLeads. A virtual agent can stay on top of communication and, in the process, will retain more residents.

4. Let Them Know About Social Activities

You may have social activities lined up for your residents, such as a monthly barbeque. Let the new tenants know about these activities and when they come up, send them an email as a reminder.

Being new at an apartment complex may feel intimidating. But inviting your new tenants to attend a few events will no doubt result in them feeling more at home.

Plus, they’ll appreciate that you remembered to include them. Going the extra mile like this should encourage them to make the place their own.

5. Give Them a List of Local Businesses You Recommend

If they’re new to the area (and even if they aren’t), they’ll need to know where some of the best local businesses are. To save them the time and effort of researching, provide them with a list.

A few businesses to list are grocery stores, local restaurants you recommend, and some areas where they can go on a walk. You can also include a few places they can go for entertainment. A few examples are including information about a movie theater or mini-golfing.

Having a list of businesses you like is a nice touch that won’t go unnoticed by new residents.


Moving is a big deal for renters, but it can be a lot easier with your help. By rolling out the red carpet and making them feel welcome, you’ll reduce their stress. Plus, you’ll likely make them want to stick around a lot longer.

Even after they move in, go out of your way to give them a reason to love the complex. Being friendly and paying attention to their needs will go far. As a result, you should find you have a higher resident retention rate.

Happy residents equal a fantastic property with people who appreciate where they live. Another perk? You’ll maintain a profitable residential company!

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