Facts about Infidelity you Didn’t Know


Love is as much as an emotion as it is a system of the brain. One of three of these brain systems is related to reproduction and mating with your partner, while the other two are fully capable of infidelity because they highly value love.

Facts about Infidelity

You didn’t know that did you? Well, let’s dig into some more facts about infidelity that you had never thought of before.

Here they are:

1.      Even Though Pair Bonding is the Hallmark of Humanity – Infidelity is Widespread

It has been found that approximately 85% of all American tend to eventually marry, but recent studies have proved that about 40% of heterosexual married men and 25% of married women will resort to extramarital affairs atleast once in their lifetime.

2.      Brain Architecture Can Contribute to Infidelity

Human beings have been found to have 3 brain systems that were primarily related to love. The brain’s sex drive motivates the individual to seek copulation with anyone they are attracted to.

Another system which we’ll call ‘romantic love’ evolves to focus the individuals mating energies towards a specific partner – which also conserves their metabolic and courtship energies. Lastly, the partner attachment system motivates mating partners to stay together atleast until they have had one child together.

With infidelity marriage counseling, you will find that all of these neural systems interact with each other in combinatorial and flexible patterns to orchestrate reproductive strategies. This is probably why a person’s motivation to cheat is often so difficult to explain even though he/she feels intense love for their partner.

3.      There Are Many Different Types of Infidelity

Infidelity marriage counseling has been able to broaden the definition of the act to include romantic infidelity and sexual infidelity.

The sexual kind does not consist of any romance, while the romantic kind has no sexual involvement. Either way, however, they are considered to be an act of infidelity.

4.      Mate Poaching is a Real Thing

In a recent study, researchers found that 53% of women and 60% of men had admitted to an act of mate poaching.

Mate poaching means that an individual would woo someone out of their committed relationship to be with them instead.

5.      Infidelity Doesn’t Necessarily Mean You’re in an Unhappy Relationship

Regardless of the correlation between adultery and dissatisfaction, 34% of women and 56% of the men who were cheating on someone were happy in their marriage and with their significant others.

So, what does this mean? This implies that there are most definitely some genetics playing a role in all of the infidelity around us.

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