3 Ways to Get the Most out of Your Alumni Social Network

Alumni Social NetworkAlumni Social Network

Leveraging an alumni network is important in the modern world. After all, going to the same university, graduate school, or company equips you with a shared history – and such commonality isn’t something that you should let slip away just like that.

Connecting with other accomplished and interesting individuals can be difficult in practice. So, how can you remain in touch with your alumni members and build strong connections without it appearing seemingly transactional or awkward?

Read on to find out.

3 Steps to Building a Strong Alumni Social Network

Perhaps you have noticed that you have noticed that your alumni group barely works without some members. They are the individuals who make everything run. So, how do you ensure that you have a strong alumni social network?

Here are 3 steps to follow:

Identify the Playmakers

Playmakers are the individuals in your alumni group whose absence negatively affects the operations of the group. The best way to identify the playmakers in your group is by quantifying their level of activity. Another option is to monitor their behavior. You will always have group members who are easy and others hard to deal with. Focus on their behaviors and choose your playmakers based on their level of contribution to the entire network.

Nurture the Group’s Playmakers

The second step to building a robust alumni social network is nurturing and empowering the playmakers. Assign them roles based on their activity and energy and leverage such aspects to grow the network. For instance, where the alumni network operates as groups, the playmakers should be the class ambassadors or leaders of the specific groups.


Recognition is an important aspect in the success of any team. It gives the team players motivation to work extra hard towards achieving the set objectives. In the case of your alumni social network, find an appropriate way to recognize the playmakers for their contribution to the network. The recognition could be something as small as a thank-you note or even a paid lunch date. The idea is that they need to make them feel appreciated for their valuable contribution.

Easy Ways to Get the Most out of Your Alumni Social Network

Now that you know how to keep your alumni strong, how can you get the most out of it? Here are a few insights to help you.

Offer Regular Updates

Find a way to keep your alumni network updated. For instance, if you have a magazine for the network, keep it updated.  This approach not only ensures you are findable by an individual with related interests, but it also offers you an opportunity to connect with lost contacts. Numerous people have used old school or work ties to grow their business or even find work.


A lot of benefits come with volunteer roles. Even though you are offering to serve your network, you get the chance to interact more often with a majority of the members of the group. For instance, you can offer to be the reunion chair for a certain period or volunteer to host a breakfast speaker session for the alumni group. There is no better way to double your school alumni connects than serving the entire group in a volunteer position.

Share Your Expertise

Universities, colleges, and employers are eager to keep a connected community, so there are numerous resources that you can leverage to make the most out of your alumni group. For instance, make sure you attend professional development webinars or any other event that brings alumni members together. Such events give you a chance to share your professional expertise with others.

Nurturing a strong alumni social network is an important day. Nevertheless, not many people are willing to create time for it and others are not sure how to go about it. Use the tips shared here to help you grow a strong alumni network as well as make the best out of it.

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