How to Download WhatsApp for iPad, iPod & Use it

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Download WhatsApp for iPad(iPads, iPad Mini, iPad Air) & supported iPod modesl and use it on your device.

Whatsapp is one thing that everyone wants on their phone these days. It is an Instant Messaging app which can be downloaded on Android devices and at times free of cost. All you need to do is download it from the given site. It’s the best app to communicate these days. There are so many users and it is so popular because it is an instant messaging app. Except for iOS it is found on all platforms, one has to pay if he or she is an Apple device user and if one has not yet applied the technique of jailbreak.

WhatsApp for iPad

It is usually ten dollars for an iPhone user which he has to pay if he wants to use Whatsapp. Hence it isn’t really helpful especially if one does not want to jailbreak their device. So here is a method how you can get Whatsapp on your iDevice and use it the way you want it. This trick can be used even without jailbreak.

These steps will help you get Whatsapp on your iDevice –

  • iFunbox needs to be downloaded and installed on your computer. It is a popular tool and lets you install iOS without any complications.
  • Your iPhone should already have Whatsapp installed, the way it is normally downloaded.
  • Next, you have to connect your iPhone to your computer via USB cable, and launching of iFunbox has to take place
  • Computer needs to have a folder called Whatsapp.
  • Whatsapp folder has to be chosen from the application folder, double click. Mac will also get a copy of files this way.
  • Now the iPhone has to be disconnected from the computer, followed by the connection of your other iDevice using the same method.
  • Click on select WhatsApp.ipa which one has copied and install it and then on open button.
  • All folders and files of Whatsapp is to be selected from the Users Application.
  • iPads/iPods folder then should be used to copy all the files which are already there.
  • Disconnect your iDevice and start using Whatsapp on your iDevice now.

So that’s how you will get WhatsApp on your iOS device apart from usual iPhone availability. The best thing about this guide is that, WhatsApp can be installed on iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air and supported iPods models.

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