Top 5 Tips to Improve Email Open Rate

Improve Email Opt in rateImprove Email Opt in rate

While the number of promotion emails keep exploding our inbox every day, the open rate of your every email marketing campaign seems largely depends on luck. Have you ever imagined how many emails your loyal customers received every day? Ten of thousands! All brands rack their brains to attract consumers, and all of them regard emails as one of their most powerful weapons. Among so many emails, it is no doubt that yours is easy to be ignored and even deleted.

Tips to Improve Email Open Rate

We’ve learned the tricks to produce well-written email content but in the article, JumoreGlobal Insights would like to share some tips and tricks, which you can find an obvious growth of your email open rate.

  • Take One Approach with Your Headline

Write a concise and catchy headline which could also convey the contents of your email. The clear and concise headline could not only deliver the essence of the paragraph but also save times for your readers. If you can target your reader and offer them the specific benefits which your email would bring to them in your headline, this headline will be excellent.

  • Build High-Quality Lists

Your email open rate depends on the quality of the emails you collect. You ought to make your subscribers keen on content, but not just coupons. In order to do this, you should include email collection prompts on the contents which are most relative to your emails.

According to where your list is in your sales funnel, break your list down into multiple groups. Through this way, you can help your readers not be overwhelmed by dozens of links and topics. It’s nice to have specific lists which can help you optimize the impact of your lead nurturing.

  • Optimize the Email Itself

The readers open the email doesn’t mean they would read it. For a good email, the body part cannot be too long, but should offer lots of value. Try to write it in an easily-understood way. They would only open the emails which can offer them a return on their time investment.

  • Use Preheader Text

Preheader text is the preview you see in your inbox before you open the email. In an email, if you don’t edit the preheader text, there would be the first line of your email in the preheader which usually not convey any useful message at all.

In this case, your email may not attract readers’ interest and make them eager to open it. Use a catchy hook in the preheader text to give the reader a quick snapshot of your email.

  • Be Consistent

It’s important for you to develop your email marketing skills, just like your brand image and voice. Do not afraid of mistakes and try, only through the trails and errors, you can develop your skills.

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Stick with what works in your trail. You may find that readers want to read your email because of the writing skills, but not the details.

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