How to Play Flash Games on iPhone, iPad, iPods

In this guide check out how to play flash games on iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, iPad, iPods and other iOS devices.

It has been a long time when Steve Jobs had openly given reasons to Adobe so as to why any of the Apple products would not have Flash whether it was iPod, iPhone or iPad. Buggy as he had termed it had the issues of stability and security, prior to which the Safari browser on iOS 6 and 7 had to let go of the support of the Flash Player. But for the people who wanted it to be there were now facing a problem. Hence the following guide will help you.Flash on iPhoneFlash on iPhone

Flash Games on iPhone

If you have of the Apple products and you happen to come across a website that has Flash content, you will not be able to view it unless and until you download ‘Puffin Web Browser’ from the store, which is free. Though it is free it has age restriction, TOS has to be accepted prior to which it will be downloaded and installed. This ain’t a shortcut to any application but only a dedicated browser, and hence when you run this very application for the first time, it would show a blank screen first followed by the content which would load slowly.

Though Flash can be installed when you can jailbreak the device, but following the way we are supposed to, this will be it and the quality you will get won’t be satisfactory. On further swiping of the screen you will see that a number of options pops up which are very useful and also provides with shortcuts to the screen.

Puffin supposedly encapsulates the technology which is required when one runs Flash and hence this concept is very simple. This application is provided free of cost only for two weeks after which you have to pay at least 2.99 dollars if you would want to use this on a regular basis.

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