Jolla Sailfish Store Problems, Common Errors – How to Fix

Jolla Sailfish Store ProblemsJolla Sailfish Store Problems

Sailfish OS powered Jolla smartphone has been launched and people are now trying to work with their latest smartphone on how to install apps via Jolla Store. Since Jolla Sailfish app store is completely new there are dozens of errors and problems that you might encounter and through this piece of writing on Advices Academy we highlight some of common Sailfish Store problems and issues alongside providing fix method if available.

Jolla Sailfish Store Problems, Errors

The following are the commonly occurred Jolla Sailfish App Store problems and errors –

Jolla Store Crashes

Among the early bug reports, Jolla phone owner suggests that their Jolla Store crashes when servers are overloaded.

Solution – Factory Reset Jolla phone to default Settings and it should work.

Jolla Store Signin Problem

While login to Jolla Store it showed the following error one of the users –

Oops, problem with account creation! You already have a Jolla account on this device.

He was not trying to create a new account but just trying to login using the same login credentials that he has.

Fix – Go to Settings > Account and delete the Jolla account. Add your account again and then use Sign in option. It will solve the problem.

Software Update via Jolla Store

People have reported that while updating to the latest software update via Jolla Store the process is very slow even though they have very good internet connection. It reads “odottaa / waiting” and after few minutes the apps downloads with 50% chances that updated gets corrupted. This happens even though the software update is very small.

Fix – As of now the solution that we know is to update the software via terminal which is working fast and most reliable method.

Unable to Open Jolla Store

As the title say, you will not be able to open Jolla Store on your device. The fix is to first try reboot your phone. Check if it works or not or else update your device to latest software version.

Mail App Doesn’t Update in Store

If you are facing the problem with mail app not able to update, you should simply reinstall the mail app on your device.

Cannot Install Android App

The problem of not installing the app is common not only on Sailfish OS but also on Android or Firefox OS. There are several reasons why app wasn’t able to install on your phone and perfect solution of it could be found by reading what the actual errors.

So those were some of the common errors found on Jolla Store on Sailfish phones. Do let us know if you found any other Jolla Store issue apart from the stuff mentioned above.

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