How to Install WhatsApp Share Button to WordPress Blog

We will explain on how to install the WhatsApp share button onto your WordPress site easily so that your user can share it on mobile devices to other.

WhatsApp is one of the widely used cross platform messaging app, which right now has more than 700 Million subscribers. With that reach, image what will happen if you post is shared and becomes viral, results are endless as you can get many visitors on your site.WhatsApp Share ButtonWhatsApp Share Button

So adding a WhatsApp share button to WordPress site isn’t a bad idea? But how you will install it? Don’t worry we have gone through the first ever guide on installing the WhatsApp Share button to any WordPress site.

WhatsApp Share Button

At the end of my post you will see WhatsApp share button at last along with Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and other social sharing buttons. WhatsApp share button will only work if your visitor is from a mobile device(since WhatsApp is a mobile app). So be it Android, iPhone or Firefox phone, WhatsApp share button is bound to work perfectly.

So, how did I get this WhatsApp sharing option? It’s quite easy but requires some investment. I did buy Easy Social Share button from ThemeForest which according to me is the best social sharing plugin for WordPress. This plugin costs $14 for single user and it indeed includes several services includes WhatsApp.

So just purchase the plugin, install it on your site and then follow the process mentioned below to enable WhatsApp sharing –

  • Ensure that you have purchased Easy Social Share buttons and have it installed on your site.
  • Open Easy Social Share button from left side menu.
  • Now click on Configuration Wizard.  
  • Select a default template and hit Next.
  • Under Button Style, hit Next.
  • Now under Social Share button, select WhatsApp and hit Next.
  • For remaining, hit Next, Next and Next to complete setup wizard.

WhatsApp Share Button Plugin

If you don’t want to invest $14, then WhatsApp Share button plugin is the option you should checkout. This plugin is not tested and it has its own limitations. So going with Easy Social Share is your final option.

That’s it. The WhatsApp button will also show along with other social sharing icons.

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