How to Hide WhatsApp Photos, Video in Gallery

In the current times, messaging apps are becoming very famous amongst teenagers, businessman etc. but of all the instant messaging apps, the most trending one is WhatsApp. WhatsApp allows you to share images, videos or contacts with your friends, family and clients. It also includes features like sending voice message, hiding the last seen.WhatsApp LogoWhatsApp Logo

Hide WhatsApp Photos

In WhatsApp you can decide who can view your last seen by simply changing the privacy setting. However, one thing must be noted that all media which you download are directly saved in the gallery of your device.

So, in this article we have found an easy method to hide all WhatsApp media files from the media gallery. The process involves the following steps –

  • The very first thing you need to do is install a File Manager app. The best recommended file manager for Android devices is Astro File Explorer.
  • Then, just install the app and run it on your device. Open WhatsApp from SD card.
  • Then you need to open the WhatsApp media folder from the phone’s gallery SD card. 
  • Under that we will find separate arrangement of Images, Videos, Audios.
  • After opening the folder, you will come across an option which will help you to create a new folder within the WhatsApp folder. This can be simply done by tapping Settings and hit New Folder.
  • While creating this folder, you just need to keep one thing in mind, i.e name this new folder as “.nomedia”.
  • After doing so, when you return to your phone gallery you will notice that your WhatsApp media folder has disappeared from there. However, you don’t need to fear about your media files as they are shifted to a different location which is explained below.
  • If you happen to view your WhatsApp media files, you just need to go to the file explorer and open “WhatsApp’’ folder. You’ll find it right there.

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After some days if you don’t like hiding WhatsApp photos, you can undo the process since the above process can also be reversed. This can be done in the following way –

  • In order to reverse the above process, you need to delete the ‘’.nomedia’’ file which you had created previously. You will find that the file will not be available in the WhatsApp folder as it is a hidden file.
  • After doing so, you need to go back to the file manager and click on the blue icon which appears on the top left of the screen to view the menu. Later, you need to look for the ‘’Hidden files’’ option in the main menu. Turn the hidden files ‘’OFF”.
  • Next, you will see that the .nomedia file in the WhatsApp folder (where you had created it). Now, all you need to do is just delete that file and your media folder will automatically reappear in the phone gallery of your device.

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