How to Find a Reliable Architect for Your Office Construction

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Whether you’re renovating an existing office space, or planning to build one from the ground up, hiring a reliable architect or architectural firm will save you days worth of headaches throughout your construction project.

Office construction projects are a massive undertaking, and finding the right architect can mean the difference between a smooth, successful project, and a painstaking construction nightmare.

To help you out, we’ve simplified the process of finding a reliable architect for your office construction below.

  1. Why An Architect Is Necessary

Architects, architectural firms, and general contractors like FMP Construction have loads of experience which you’ll need to turn your dream of a new office into a reality.

They will be able to determine what you’ll need, help solve complex design problems, and be there to guide your team through the entire process of construction.

  1. Establish A Selection Team

Your specific project may not require an entire team or committee, but having extra minds already invested in your company as part of the selection process is always a plus.

Depending on your needs, your selection team could be anywhere from 5-8 people whom you trust, and who place a high value on the success of your office construction.

Whether they’re investors or trusted employees, having a pool of bright minds to help in decision-making can make for a seamless experience for everyone.

Always keep your team updated on progress throughout the duration of the construction project. You never know when good advice will come from unexpected places!

  1. Create A List of All Potential Architects

Do your homework and know what you’re looking for. What is your budget? How large or small of a space do you want to build? -Know exact or estimated measurements! When do you need the project completed?

Have as many details figured out as you can before you begin your search so that you can get to work!

If your office construction is a public project, any architects or firms will be able to apply as long as they meet the requirements outlined in your state’s architectural legislation.

If you’re running a private construction project, firms will be able to apply by invitation only. If your project is private, you’ll need to do some legwork on your own and reach out to potential architects to request quotes and proposals.

Once you have a solid list of applicants, sit down with your selection team to review all applications, and narrow it down to a handful to interview.

  1. Interview Potential Architects

Make sure to prepare your interview questions beforehand. This is your project, so feel free to get as specific or as general as you’d like since you need to narrow it down to just one winner.

Ask about their design philosophy and their general process for projects to get an idea of the plan they have in mind. Ask about projects they’ve completed that are similar to yours, and find out more about how long it took them to complete it, any obstacles that came up, and how they overcame them to complete the project on time.

If you’re able to, make sure to visit the locations of past projects they’ve completed, and ask if they’d be willing to give you a tour. Seeing an architect’s work in person will give you a much better idea of their work quality and vision.

  1. Make The Decision

Once you’ve completed the interviews, it’s time to sit down and review all of the proposals and interview responses with your selection team.

Think carefully about this decision, as you and your selected team will be working closely with this architect or firm for the duration of the construction project.

Always consider your project’s needs first and stick to your budget. You don’t want to work with someone who’s just in it for your money.

In any case, do your best to determine which architect is most passionate about your office construction project, as that might just end up being the deal-breaker!

  1. Build a Relationship

Since you’ll be working closely with this architect or firm for the duration of your project, there’s no reason not to build a relationship with them.

Keep in touch regularly for updates from them, and also after your project is completed. You never know when you’ll have another construction project, or when your architect might need a good recommendation!

Finding a reliable architect for your office construction doesn’t have to be a complicated process. It will take some time, but if you do your homework, trust your selection team, and rely on your own intuition, your construction project is sure to be a success!

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