Download WhatsApp Plus for BlackBerry Phones

WhatsApp Plus for BlackBerry PhonesWhatsApp Plus for BlackBerry Phones

Guide on how to download WhatsApp Plus for BlackBerry Phones.

WhatsApp is a popular application on Android devices but trust me this one is different in all the categories and is popularly known as WhatsApp Plus. The good news is that it is available for blackberry devices. Unlike the traditional WhatsApp features, this one provides the users the ability to hide their online status, change themes, and disables the last seen notification and many more.

WhatsApp Plus for BlackBerry Phones

Most of the Google play apps have limited functionality on a Blackberry device and hence developers are coming up with the idea of cross platform applications so that the blackberry users don’t get disappointed.

Today we bring to you a highly proven and trusted trick that will allow you to install the Android WhatsApp plus on your blackberry. Using this trick you can also transfer your data and chats from an Android device to your blackberry device. The basic concept behind the transfer of chats is that the Android WhatsApp is completely deceived and believes that the blackberry device is an Android device and thus enforces the transfer of chats from your Android device to a blackberry device.

The steps to install it successfully are right here. So explore it right away.

Installation Process of WhatsApp Plus on Blackberry OS 10:

First of all make sure that you download a cracked version of the WhatsApp plus to avail the hide status option or else it would cost you if you download it from the official WhatsApp site.

  • Download WhatsApp Plus on your PC and Install it on your Blackberry.
  • Enjoy chatting for a few minutes then.
  • Create a back up and note down the location of the backup file.
  • Search for WhatsApp Plus v.4.45D on Google and download it.
  • Uninstall the earlier installed WhatsApp on your device and install the newer one but do not open or run it.
  • Now copy the backup file and paste in the newer WhatsApp using file manager.
  • Finally you can run the WhatsApp v.4.45D and enter your Phone number and use it.
  • Lastly choose restore.

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