Download WhatsApp for Jolla SailFish & Install guide

Simple guide on how to install WhatsApp for Jolla Sailfish OS with installation instructions.

The Jolla project developed by Nokia has its first phones running on the SailFish operating system. Modifications were required to make it Android compatible so the phones are now mostly Linux. The Jolla OS uses Wayland server and the touchscreen keyboard technology of the Nokia N9.WhatsApp for Jolla OSWhatsApp for Jolla OS

The Jolla phones do not lag behind any leading line oh mobile phones when it comes to design and color. There are changeable covers that give the phone a new color and some of them even modify the design a little. The hardware specifications are incredible despite it being a not so popular one in the market! Applications can be downloaded from the Jolla Store that hosts both, Android applications and the apps typical to the Jolla OS.

A WhatsApp client has been ported to the Jolla SailFish OS by a third party developer. Mitakuuluu is the name for the app and it is still in its developing stages. The app is awaiting its stabilization so that it can reach clients through the Jolla Harbour. The Mitakuuluu version 1.1 has already been upgraded to the next version 1.20 which is running at present with a lot of fixes from its previous version. There are two different methods to install the app on your SailFish OS.

Method 1: From GUI

You can download Mitakuuluu 1.20 from the and install in from your file manager. This is the simplest method of all.

Method 2: Via Zypper

You need to switch to the developer mode in order to install zipper and add the required repository key. You need to update the system and install the app.

Uninstalling the app

You can uninstall the Mitakuuluu 1.20 easily if you have the zipper installed. If you do not have the zipper you need to install it first because the app uninstalls through the same zipper it got installed from. You can upgrade to the upcoming versions of the app as and when they are released. The installing, uninstalling and upgrading steps are simple and working.

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