How to Delete Snapchat History

Delete SnapChat HistoryDelete SnapChat History

Guide to delete Snapchat History so that you leave no traces of chat history or any other details.

Snapchat, known as the photo messaging application where in which the uploader of photo, video or text has control on how long does the photograph or video should be available to recipients. Well if you are on this page from the search engine, I might not need you to explain more about it, as it will be just exaggerating your wait. So lets quickly move on as I will help you to delete your Snapchat history in this beautifully written text content.

Delete Snapchat History

Need to delete your Snapchat history? Since many people don’t know how to do that, a step by step guide can always prove to be helpful.

Below are the instructions so as of how to delete Snapchat history or a story.

  • The story can be expanded by typing the name of the user on the My Friends page.
  • That can be followed by the icon which would allow you to save or to delete the story that you would want to save or delete.
  • If you want to delete it, you can tap the delete icon and you can delete the story that you don’t like or you would want to delete after they have appeared or revealed when the screen was tapped.

This will either let you delete the part of history or story that you want to delete, that you have published earlier. This might also help you to delete the part of the story or history. This can prove to be a very big lifesaver if you have posted something earlier that you wouldn’t have wanted to post, or maybe if your friend who knew your password or id played a trick on you, this will basically let you reverse what has been done.

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Besides this will also help you save your image in front of your friends who will not be able to view anything that you thought have published earlier but have deleted. And since the availability of this guide is so easy, anyone who doesn’t even know how to delete Snapchat history will now know how does it.

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