How to Delete Slingshot Account / ID Permanently

Guide on how to delete Slingshot account / ID permanently if you are unhappy with Snapchat alternative.

A lot of people are unhappy with Facebook Slingshot app and they want to delete their account. Uninstalling the app will only hide the app but will not delete your account permanently. If you want to delete Slingshot account or ID permanently, we have gone through instructions on how to do it over here.Slingshot logoSlingshot logo

Delete Slingshot Account

Slingshot was launched by Facebook to compete with Snapchat after its successful campaign and popularity. But fate of Slingshot, many people didn’t like it as much as they enjoyed sharing short videos and pictures.

Deleting Slingshot ID

Follow the process mentioned below to delete existing Slingshot account –

  • Open Slingshot app from your phone.
  • Slide down from anywhere or from the top of the screen to open list of your friends.
  • Tap on your Name to open Settings menu directly.
  • Now scroll down to button and you will find the option of Delete Account.
  • Tap on it.
  • Finally confirm Delete on the popup notification.
  • Within few seconds you will receive the account deleted notification.
  • Tap on OK.

Note: There isn’t any clear information available on how many days will it take to delete your account but we assuming that it the account deletion is instantaneous.

Follow the video tutorial showing deletion of Slingshot account –

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