How to Customize Apple iPhone HomeScreen

iOS 7 Homescreen customizationiOS 7 Homescreen customization

In this guide check out how to customize iPhone /iPad homescreen easily.

Often users of iPhones and other iOS devices complain of the lack of customization provided for by Apple for their device homescreen. In fact the iOS features very limited customization ability for the homescreen. While Apple doesn’t provide too many official ways for iOS users to get this done, the world of convenient and cool customization opens up for all users, people who have opted to jailbreak their device. Its hats off to the hardcore iOS users and developer community who have released a sound jailbreak have been released for iOS7.

Customize HomeScreen on iOS 7

Now once users of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices that are running on iOS7 take their device through the jailbreak process they can customize the homescreen for iOS7 with a fast and easy cydia tweak. They just have to install the cydia tweak and once they do they can start opting for different levels of customization for their home screen.

So what does customization allow you to perform? From changing the position of icons on your homescreen to going advanced levels in customization you can tweak up the homescreen to any degree.

Steps to Customize a iOS7 Device Homescreen

The cydia tweak available for iPhones and iPads running on iOS7 will work only if your device is jailbroken.

  • Download the requisite software for this from the net and pursue the steps to be taken.
  • Once the device is jailbroken the iOS7 homescreen starts flashing an icon on it. This is the Cydia icon.
  • Click on Cydia icon for launching Cydia. Through this you have to search for the ‘HomescreenDesigner cydia tweak’ for iOS7.
  • Download the cydia tweak and undergo the process for installation.
  • Once installation is complete its important to reboot the device once.

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Now you can start customizing the iPhone homescreen as you want.

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