How to Boot Mac in Safe Mode via Command Line

Boot Mac in Safe ModeBoot Mac in Safe Mode

Safe mode on Mac is the special way to start troubleshooting. This guide explains how to boot Mac in Safe Mode.

Fixing issues in your Mac can offer you severe troubles if you are not fully aware of the programs and computer language. Of course, you will have to beat those common problems by executing command line in the safe mode so that your OS runs on very compatible and problem-free configurations. Moreover, safe mode operations in Mac will always try to put your system with least possibilities of errors and other issues of shutdown or system failure.

Boot Mac in Safe Mode

It does not matter whether the operating system you are using is either DOS, Windows,, Linux or OS X; the experts are very well trained how to fix the issues in your system. In most of the cases, the professionals will try their best to make use of nvram utility because it is capable of changing the firmware variables in the source code thus; will always help you to fix the issue.

Troubleshooting any problem in your Mac will never become troublesome if you troubleshoot the issue with nvram utility command line. However, most of the users are unaware of any kind of computer language thus; they can use Shift key while the system is getting started to enter into safe mode. After this, fix all problems related to any application running on your system by simply enabling the safe mode of Mac.

It should be noted here that this process is advanced as compared to the traditional one because it makes use of nvram utility and it will work fine even if OS, keyboard, USB interface and getting into safe mode through remote means fails to deliver results for you.

In order to get access to safe mode, you will have to put the given below command line in nvram –

sudo nvram boot – args = “ – x ”

After entering this command line, you will be allowed to get access to safe mode whenever your Mac gets started however; you are required to disable this configuration after all your issues have been fixed. To disable the safe mode, you will have to enter the following command line in nvram –

sudo nvram boot – args = “ ”

The above command line will enable your Mac to boot into normal mode and all your settings will be saved which have been changed or fixed in the safe mode. If you are interested to check the current status of nvram, simply put this command line–

nvram boot – args

Safe mode can be considered disabled if the above command returns an error with a message that no variable is found. OS X terminal can be also used to perform this task but nvram command may differ for different devices. Also, SSH server should be enabled for the specific Mac whenever you try to write command in nvram for easy access to remote login.

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