How to Backup Twitpic Photos, Images & Export It

Backup TwitPic Photos and images on your Twitpic account before services terminates on September 25.

Before Twitter officially supporting the images file hosting, there were many services which took advantage of it but now then official Twitter supports images uploading, companies like Twitpic has hard time running around. And then comes the trademark battle between Twitter and Twitpic. So the time is right to export Twitpic images before the services get bar from September 25, which is very near.Backup Twitcpic photos imagesBackup Twitcpic photos images

Backup Twitpic Photos

Twitpic on September 4 announced that they are shutting down services from September 25 due to trademark fight with one of the famous microblogging social network. Follow the process mentioned below to backup Twitpic photos and images found in your account.

  • Open Twitpic website and login with your existing Twitter account.
  • Click on Settings link on the top right hand corner.
  • Scroll down till the bottom until you see ‘Request Your Data’ button. Click on it.
  • Depending upon the images on your account, it will take time. For me it read as Your request is processing, check back later for your download link.
  • The backup is limited to most recent 5000 images that you have uploaded and I don’t think you have more than that! Do you?

My account had more than 50 photos and it took 10-20 minutes for the download link to appear. There is no approximate time given by the company and so depending upon your uploaded photos you might need to visit the site later to have backup of your photos. Make sure you do it by September 25 as it happens to be the last date of Twitpic.

And your reaction on Twitpic services been shut down is highly appreciated. So what’s the alternative – Use official Twitter image hosting.

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