How to Auto Download WhatsApp Photos, Videos, Pictures

Auto Download WhatsApp PhotosAuto Download WhatsApp Photos

In this guide check out how to auto download WhatsApps Photos, Videos, Pictures & other contents.

WhatsApp is a great application to keep in touch with your friends and relatives. When connected to the internet. WhatsApp helps to reduce the call costs, in addition, to be connected with all your loved ones. There is no call cost involved in using this App. WhatsApp can be used for sending text and video messages, sharing photos and videos with multiple users either they are online or offline.

The only drawback of this app is that it automatically downloads images and videos once your device gets connected to the Internet, either through Wi-Fi or through the mobile internet (2G/3G or 4G).

However, it is a boon for those who want to download the items on its own. However. with a change in the settings in the WhatsApp messenger system. the users can now select the option or privilege to download the photos or videos when they want.

Auto Download WhatsApp Photos

The user is required to follow certain steps to configure the auto download of photos and videos in WhatsApp.

Below mentioned are the steps:

• Open the WhatsApp application. By default it would show the contact list where you select a particular contact and start chatting. However, you need to go to the settings options to configure the download option.
• Click on the three vertical dots at the upper left corner of the screen. Go to the settings option. • Once you go to the settings menu, go to the chat settings. • When you click on the chat settings, a window will open as below. Click on “Media Auto-download” option.
• Below screen will appear asking you to select either “When using Mobile Data”. “When connected to Wi-Fi”. and “When Roaming”. At this stage, you need to take a decision if you want to download content using mobile data, Wi-Fi or when roaming.
• Selecting each of the options will open a new window. Below screenshot appears when mobile data is selected. Uncheck image and video options to stop auto download of photos or videos and click OK and you are done. If you check the box, the app will download the videos and images on its own.
• Follow the same steps for stopping the auto download options of Wi-Fi and during roaming.

• Also, follow the same steps to start the auto download feature.

The above steps ensure that WhatsApp does not waste unnecessary data for downloading videos and photos when you are not hooked to Wi-Fi. The best part about this option is that the app allows the users to mention their own specifics: i.e. auto download when connected to Wi-Fi, at the same time stop the auto download when connected to Mobile network (usually costlier than Wi-Fi).

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