Tips to Reduce Condensation in Bathroom

Condensation in BathroomCondensation in Bathroom

Condensation in bathroom can occur when a warm, moist air comes in contact with surfaces of low temperature. Warm air holds more moisture and as it contacts a cold surface condensation forms on the surface because cold surfaces cannot retain the moisture. Bathroom surfaces such as the windows and tiles are prone to condensation formation. It forms on the roof, walls and floors. It is not often noticeable until molds grow or when some of the materials in the bathroom begin to rot.

Formation of condensation could significantly ruin the structures in the bathroom. It is thus important to maintain an ideal temperature to avoid condensation to occur. The ideal solution is to keep the room well ventilated. To measure the amount of air needed to maintain a well ventilated room measure the width of the room and then multiply it by the length and by the height to be divided by five. This will give you the cubit feet per minute of air to ventilate the bathroom area.

Steam from the shower is the most common source of moisture inside the bathroom. It can easily form a foggy mist on the surface of the bathroom mirror and cabinets. Failure to remove moisture on the bathroom surfaces can cause mold and mildew to form. Sealed bathrooms can encourage an environment that foster condensation to occur.

Installing a humid-stat extract fan in the bathroom can effectively get rid of moisture formation. Turn it on each time you take a bath in order to prevent moisture to build up inside the bathroom. If you have none, you should consider installing one. You can also open the bathroom windows to let out the moisture. Installing permanent vents is discouraged as it could retain moisture inside the room. Do not hang wet clothes inside the bathroom as it encourages moisture to form in the room. The moisture from wet clothes can cause moisture on the mirrors and windows.

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You can install a heater as it helps absorb moisture thereby preventing condensation from forming. Make sure that the heater you buy can perform efficiently and quietly. While there are many heaters and fans that you can install yourself but if you are not sure how to install it better call a licensed electrician to do the job safely on your behalf. You can also insulate the bathroom doors and windows in order to keep cold surfaces warm. To avoid moisture to go out of the bathroom and spread into the other areas of the house close the bathroom when you take a bath and open the bathroom windows.

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