Spring or Memory Foam Mattress: Which One to Choose?

Spring or memory foam mattressSpring or memory foam mattress

It’s time to pick a new mattress for your bedroom, but if you want to make an informed decision, stay on this page to compare two of the most popular choices on the market. In the foam vs spring mattresses match, who would be the winner? We compare them below!

Round 1: Body Weight Distribution

As a more traditional choice, springs have been around long before the memory foam mattress. They have gone a long way when it comes to body weight distribution. In their body, there are many different coils that support the construction and increase the bounciness. The biggest disadvantage, though, is that your weight will not distribute evenly while you are lying down. Meaning, some parts of your body will suffer more pressure than others. That’s one of the reasons why you might wake up with back pain or a tingling sensation in your body if you currently have one.

On the other hand, foam mattresses differ from their counterparts in the fact that they distribute the pressure from the different points of your body more successfully which means it acts like memory foam back pain reliever. As opposed to a spring mattress where the coils push back with the same amount of strength with which they are pressured, foam supports each pressure point equally and it relieves pain and discomfort. It helps especially if you are a restless sleeper and you toss and turn around too much during the night. It adjusts according to your body shape at all times, ensuring you have proper spinal alignment when lying down. The material “remembers” the shape of your body, hence the “memory” in its name.

Round 2: The Price

This is where most people often get misled. Price always matters, no matter what you are buying, and when it comes to mattresses, they consider memory foam to be the more expensive option. That’s definitely not always the case. The manufacturing cost of spring mattresses isn’t that high, which keeps the overall price low. Compared to them, foam mattresses can be quite expensive, especially depending on the brand. That being said, you can surely find an affordable one out there.

After all, purchasing a mattress is something you do once in a few years. Therefore, investing in a better-quality or slightly higher-priced one might be the better option for your back. Going for the cheapest you can find might leave you with extra poor quality and lower durability. Yet, paying a fortune doesn’t mean you will necessarily get the best quality out there, so no matter which type you choose, price shouldn’t be the most important indicator.

Round 3: Additional Benefits

This is where memory foam is a clear winner. Besides being the obvious choice of people who are looking for back pain relief, it also has the health benefit of being hypoallergenic. Dust mites and their feces normally settle in the fabric of your mattress and make you sneeze and itch if you are prone to allergies. The discomfort caused by dust mites while you are in bed prevents you from getting a good night’s sleep. When they hit the wall of foam, however, it stops them from actually penetrating into the inner surfaces as they would do in the coil mattresses.

With all that was said so far, springs are losing the match, but they have other advantages to offer. For example, they don’t rely on temperature to perform better than their foam counterparts. Foam relies on its heat sensitivity to react to your body shape and adjust accordingly. Temperature also affects the firmness of foam mattresses – the colder it is in the room, the harder the surface will feel. That’s not the case with springs.


Finding the right fit remains a matter of personal preference and sleeping habits. Since it’s something that you will use for a long time, you should consider all these factors when buying your mattress. We tend to be attracted by the low price, especially when on a tight budget, but it shouldn’t come at the cost of durability and quality.

Maybe you are a big fan of the spring mattress because your back is used to it, but as seen from the comparison above, there is a better option on the market. Yes, this is the mattress that ‘remembers’ and all the benefits associated with it. If you are ready to improve your sleep and with it, your whole life, going with foam is the right thing to do.

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