How to Spray-Paint Your Furniture like a Pro

Spray Paint for FurnitureSpray Paint for Furniture

In this article, I will explain how to spray paint furniture like a pro. The best thing about spray paint is that it is less messy and it takes some few minutes to dry. The bad thing is that spray-paint colors are few and costly, especially if you have more painting work to be done.

Spray painting is the best way to obtain a smooth and even finish on wood furniture, especially when it comes to furniture with complex design. Spray paint creates a great look on your furniture unlike painting with a brush.

Well, of course, you will need to prepare the wood before you apply the spray paint. According to professional painters, wood with waxed polyurethane or shellac finish cannot accept paint, so you will need to clean up the finish before spray-painting it. The good thing is that it’s easy to remove the wax using some chemicals you can buy from the shop.

What is the Best Wood for Spray-Painting?

Medium-density fibreboard or MDF is a wood material used in conjunction with chipboard and plywood. However, MDF is denser than plywood but is cheaper and has a better finish. It consists of separated fibers and is stronger.

You may also need MDF cut to size services. MDF is the ideal wood for building cupboards, wardrobes, and paneling.

Continue reading to learn how to spray-paint your furniture like a pro.


  • Buy the Supplies


First things first: Ensure to stock up all the things you will use in your project so that you can complete the job much faster without having to go back to the store to buy some supplies.

These are the important supplies you will need in your spray-painting project: Sandpaper, primer, spray-paints, mask, and sealer. It is also advisable to avoid cheap supplies, especially when it comes to buying the paints. This is to ensure you do not compromise on the quality of the results.

Also, choose the finish according to your project needs. When dealing with furniture it is best to ensure the gloss is high to make it easy to clean.

To make the work easier, especially if you have more spray-painting work, buy a spray handle. This way you will not feel fatigue in your fingers.


  • Choose Suitable Furniture


For wood furniture, it would be good not to use upholstery. For outdoor spray-painting, it would be good to choose moisture resistant paint.


  • Detach All Hardware


If the furniture you are painting does not require you to remove all hardware, well and good, but some will require you to unscrew and detach all hardware. When painting cabinets and drawers, you will need to remove the knobs and handles first.  Remember, the reason why you should detach all hardware is that you will paint them separately and then reassemble the furniture once you are done with the painting.


  • Cover the Surrounding Surface and Items


When spray-painting, some paint particles will spill over on the surrounding surface, so it’s good to ensure the particles do not end up reaching other objects. Ensure to cover everything including the floor using old newspapers as well as masking tape.


  • Use A Sandpaper To Clean The Surface


Spray-painting on rough furniture will not get you good results. So, you will need to sand the surface of the furniture to ensure the edges are smooth using rough sandpaper and finish with a finer one so that the furniture remains with a smooth texture.


  • Clean Thoroughly and Prep


To get good results when spray-painting, you need to ensure the furniture is clean and dry. So, you need to clean and remove loose pieces and all the sawdust. In this case, you will need to use a soft piece of cloth; avoid using water instead use a vacuum cleaner to clear all the loose particles.

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The vacuum cleaner will blow off the dust but using water may damage your furniture, especially if it penetrates through the cracks of the wood.


  • Try on Scrap First


Try spray-painting on a scrap object or a piece of wood before you start the project. This will help you to know what needs to be improved and how the final project will look like.


  • Start Spray-Painting Your Furniture

Once you have tried on scrap and seen that everything looks fine, it’s time to start the painting. Ensure you are in a place with enough air circulation and put on a mask. Ensure the weather is not hot or too cold.


It’s that easy. However, it’s important to use compatible paint and primer. If you are not sure of the compatibility, you may ask the manufacturer or store owner to recommend you the best.

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