PengPod 700 & 1000 Tablets with Android & Linux Dual OS

PengPod Dual Boot TabletPengPod Dual Boot TabletUpdate on September 2, 2014 – This tablet is not available for purchase as it has been discontinued officially.

As the tablet PC market is expected to raise until 2016, many companies are expected to come up with their own variant of tablet PC. Interestingly until now many manufacturers have adopted the method of branding the Chinese tablets with their own name. PengPod have come up with their own tablet PC and this time it’s might not be the variant of Chinese. Here we find out details on upcoming PengPod tablets.

PengPod Tablets

Are you interested in Linux powered tablets? And also on the other side you love the freedom that you get with Google’s open source Android operating system? Then you should choose dual boot tablets PCs (hybrid tablet) as its the right choice. Dual Boot Android tablet PC market is not yet flooded and we might see many manufacturers turning up the heat in coming months.

Here comes PengPod from Peacock Imports a Florida based firm have plans to come up with dual boot tablet PCs which will be using Android and Linux OS. Representatives from PengPod says that it’s designed to run both OS one via internal flash and other on boot from an external SD card. So by this way you can switch to dual boot whenever you want.

People at PengPod are seeking Venture Capitals but they are more interested in fund raising by coming up with Fixed Funding Campaign to raise about $ 49,000 to begin the tablet production. This target should be met in 23 days and as I see as of now they have achieved $ 2,000. As of now they have plans to introduce two tablets variants namely PengPod 700 and PengPod 1000.

PengPod 700 Android Tablet

PengPod 700 is an Android – Linux dual boot tablet with 7 inches display screen. No much information is known about the screen type but it will be with 480 x 800 pixels resolution finally. It’s powered with Allwinner A10 processor and includes 1.3 mega pixel camera on the front facing side. No rear side camera is been spotted. It has 8 GB internal memory and 32 GB micro Sd card slot supporting 32 GB of storage with 1 GB of RAM as well. 3300 MAh battery will be just sufficient enough to power the device for few hours of browsing time.

PengPod 700 has the following features –

  • Linux – Android dual boot
  • 7” Display screen
  • 480 x 800 pixels resolution
  • HDMI connectivity
  • AllWinner A10 processor
  • 2 USB ports
  • 1.3 mega pixel front facing camera
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 8 GB internal memory
  • Micro SD card support up to 32 GB
  • 3300 Ah battery

PengPod 700 is priced at $ 99.

PengPod 100 Android Tablet

Whereas PengPod 100 is a 10” dual boot tablet coming out with better specifications. It has AllWinner A13 processor and nearly includes same specifications as that of the above tablet. It will be powered with 6,000 mAh battery and has 0.3 mega pixel front facing camera.

PengPod 100 has the following features –

  • Linux – Android dual boot
  • 10” Display screen
  • 1024 x 600 pixels resolution
  • All Winner A13 processor
  • HDMI connectivity
  • 2 USB ports
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 8 GB internal memory
  • 0.3 mega pixel front facing camera
  • Micro SD card support up to 32 GB
  • 375 grams
  • 6000 MAh battery

PengPod 1000 is priced at $ 185.

Interestingly they are also selling PengStick mini PC which can be used on to your monitor or TV to run Android or Linux on its own. It’s priced at $ 85.

You can Contribute to this campaign available at Indiegogo.

PengPod Tablet Availability

Estimated delivery of these tablets is expected to be in January 2013. The hardware of the tablet is ready to be made as the fundraising is still going on. If the target is achieved they will keep the same hardware mentioned above and if they receive more funding they will upgrade it to better hardware.

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