8 Interior Design Trends to Look Out For in 2020

Interior Design Trends to Look OutInterior Design Trends to Look Out

Looking into the crystal ball of the future, here’s a roundup of upcoming interior design trends that are totally gonna rock 2020. It’s a curated list of the finest schemes and themes that one can use to seep into the interiors and the finest collections from fabric designers, paint manufacturers, and interior designers. Alongside this, the piece also includes a handful of tips and tricks to help design your living space and elevate it to a new level. No matter what size your apartment is, these cool ideas can be embraced and adopted by just anyone who desires to have a chic look for their interiors.

Interior Design Trends to Look Out

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Where Blue is the New Grey

The love for grey has been invariably pushed and replaced by Blue. In fact, the Pantone Colour for 2020 is Royal Blue. The classic shade, that’s clean and elegant and can be used just about anywhere as a big, bright backdrop. Besides, the color is an instant mood uplifted and certainly is otherwise a tad boring and mundane at places.

The Love for Pink

Pink is probably one shade that has dominated our entire childhood beside the obvious red and green. Now, after predominating the theme for tween’s bedrooms, the color is back in 2020 in its various shades. The rules for using pink in your living spaces in 2020 come with a set of rules as witnessed by customized furniture stores in Kolkata.

For starters, the shade of Pink one chooses should never be the color of a Barbie doll dress. Instead, blush filled, muted tones are the right way to go about using the color. Also, keep the finish towards matt drifting away from shiny and glossy Pink, which might remind you of your playroom when you are like six.

Hues of Tranquil Dawn

Tranquil Dawn is the Dulux Colour of the Year 2020. Soft and neutral offering, almost like shades of green, this color represents the mood of a nation as a new decade begins and how one feels living in a world where technological advancements have left us disconnected from one another lives, other than virtually. In essence, it’s one such color that has grown hugely on interior decorators since it was released last autumn.

Tranquil Dawn is all the way a versatile shade that can be combined alongside other color choices to bring about a dramatic change across your interiors. Shades of light pink and steel grey pairs up great with this shade and really brings out the cooler side of the color.

Can’t Ignore Textures

If you think 2020 interior design trends are all about color choices, think again. This year, textures are back in fashion and are increasingly being used everywhere. Several different textures are being layered up across a plethora of colors to spice up your living spaces.

It’s a perfect fit for anyone who is a fan of neutrals or loves decorating their living spaces with touches of multiple colors. For a living room, blankets and cushions are a great way to play with textures. However, for other rooms in the house, try introducing plants like dried flowers alongside artistic knick-knacks.

Concealed Kitchens

If you ever thought of hiding a full-fledged pantry right behind a cabinet door or integrate the same to your fridge, the concealed kitchen is one idea that you are bound to embrace. One trend that’s fast catching up, concealed kitchens are definitely a thing of future that we might witness a lot in 2020.

As living spaces grow smaller and storage options turn smarter, the urge for minimalist kitchens has been on the rise.

Popular kitchen items like kettles, knife blocks, and plug sockets along with sinks and taps that once contributed to the clutter are now fast disappearing behind the shadow of flush cabinets as well as interrupted surfaces, which also make full utilization of the space.

Making Space to Get More Social

Come 2020, and there has been an increasing trend in staying in rather than going out, and it has a lot to do with designing your living space as well. People are increasingly looking forward to restaurants, hotels, and bars where the seating is more spread and the environment is relaxed.

On the home front, of course, it’s time to make space for our rooms in our gardens and backyards, install cocktail chairs and lounge sofas that can act as a great accessory to support house parties and other celebrations.

Responsible and Sustainable Shopping

Fast fashion has picked up really well and has remained the most discussed topic in 2019. As such, people are now beginning to think about where our clothes come from and how it’s being made.

The same principle applies to our homes as well as people are currently looking for more sustainable shopping options where furniture is sourced locally, and products made with recycled materials are being preferred by modern furniture stores.

Also, as everyone is looking to grow more conscious towards maintaining eco-friendly standards, recycling homewares is fast becoming a preference for many. Quite a few websites have come up where one can buy and sell old or used furniture that can help save your money.

Animal Prints

Animal prints are back in fashion for interior decor and are looked at as being a game-changer this season.

While using an animal print, start small and move towards adding accents in the shape of soft furnishings along with small accessories and designer pieces that match well with your curtains and rugs.

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