How to Repair Damaged Polished Concrete Floors

repair Polished Concrete Floorrepair Polished Concrete Floor

Here is the guide on how to repair damaged polished concrete floors.

Polished concrete floors when done and maintained right can be mesmerizing and a sight to behold. It is one of the most widely used floorings across the globe to achieve the right look for projects of homes and business alike. The functionality and aesthetics achieved by polished concrete floorings are unparalleled while also being one of the most economic options. The best part is having concrete floors is like having denim that appears fresher after every wash as it gets better with every maintenance job done, be it just the mopping or a full-fledged Grind and seal finishes from Policrete.

The three damages:

Despite being one of the hardest substances known to man the maintenance of damaged concrete floor is one of the easiest tasks. It might shock one to find out how effectively this is possible.

There are three types of fixes that are very common when it comes to concrete floor fixes via –

Surface Cracks

Concrete is not a malleable material that can be stretched or bent to desired shapes however it is something that responds to temperature changes by expanding when exposed to heated and shrinking when exposed to cool temperatures. This property of concrete sometimes causes it to develop cracks on the surface.

To prevent this from happening there are expansion joints installed to allow the concrete to respond to temperature changes without harming itself. However, a crack can simply be repaired using a crack-filler. There are numerous available options to choose from, try to go for the ones that are fast curing.


The process involved with fixing a pitting or chip in the solid surface is very basic. To begin with, start by clearing all trash from the deformity, and leave it in its underlying solid structure. Then, decently pack the defective region utilizing the chose polymer.

On the off chance that the floor fix includes crushing and cleaning, it is significant the material utilized for the fix be applied after the underlying coarse grind.


The correct concrete mix can prevent spalling and is one of the most effective ways to prevent spalling. There are different ways for one to treat this issue, some of which are, patching the spalled territory with a shading matching the compound, have your concrete replaced with an overlay, tear out and supplant the whole piece.

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