Biphilic Design: The Benefits of This Trend to a Home

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Technology advancement and drastic changes in our lifestyles have meant that more time is usually spent indoors and away from our beautiful nature. It’s, therefore, more important than ever that our home interior spaces are designed to be one with nature. This growing awareness has led to the popularity of Biophilic designs for home decorations. The easiest ways for most homes to incorporate this design is via the use of vegetation, windows, skylights and natural materials.

Whether subconsciously or an obvious desire, studies have shown that all human beings crave natural settings. The benefits of connecting with nature come as no surprise. Biophilic design involves making the most of the sensory elements of nature such as the feel of fresh air and the sound of water and nature. Although this design is in its premiering stage, the benefits and trends of biophilic designs have been felt universally as highlighted below;     


Biophilic designs take inspiration from the natural world which affects humans in many positive ways, the most notable one being productivity. This is often attributed to the plenty of fresh air from the environment, greenery, and natural light. Being active in such an environment is known to improve one’s alertness, productivity, and improve energy levels which result in better performance.


Incorporating biophilic designs into architecture and décor is good for our mental and physical health. Natural elements, materials, colors, textures and even technologies in or day to day lives that evoke a feeling that stimulates and connects us with nature. This improves one’s health for instance from plants that have air purification properties in a home. Wallpapers with natural motifs and plenty of natural materials improve the vibe of a space and boost satisfaction. Backyards and patio styled with Hay outdoor furniture make a place more attractive and inviting to the homeowner.


Nature allows people to feel motivated to grow into productive and better individuals both physically and mentally. This symbiotic relationship between people and nature sparks eco-consciousness and encourages people to promote environmental conservation. Gone are the days when most homes used synthetic materials for their home decor. Biophilic spaces emphasize the use of materials such as wood, bamboo, cork, leather, just to name a few. These eco-friendly materials are not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye but help to encourage a better tactile experience. This texture and smell can revitalize the mind and fill the body with energy.


Spending hours on end in confined spaces tend to wake the feeling of stress and depression while on the other hand, bringing nature into our everyday lives seeks to soothe our spirits making us feel calmer and at peace. Natural lighting, good air quality and greenery can relieve pressure and boost cognitive abilities. This consequently improves confidence, peace and self-esteem especially for the city dweller who aggressively sought for such elements. Natural colors from plants evoke positive emotions which can allow one to relieve stress and manage your mood.

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Biophilic designs in homes employ the use of more natural light which boosts Vitamin D production that greatly promotes our health. Vitamin D helps promote strong bones and teeth as well as support both the immune and nervous systems. Vitamin D is also known to boost lung function hence spending a lot of time in places shown with natural sun rays is key to good health.

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