10 Best LED Strip Light for Festivals

LED Decorations For InteriorsLED Decorations For Interiors

Decorating your home or any space for a festival is absolutely incomplete without lights. Lights make even normal days look festive. Imagine how much of a difference they can make on a festival day! Even before the time of electricity and bulbs, people preferred to celebrate festivals by lighting oil lamps, lanterns, torches, bonfires, etc. Slowly, these were replaced with electric lights and colorful bulbs. Once LED lights strips were introduced in the market, it took decorating for festivals to the next level.

Today, whatever may be the festival and celebrations, LED light strips to make them better. You can visit this site to learn more about LED Lighting as well as to get your hands on the best variety of them.

LED Decorations For The Exteriors of Your House

When the festivities are approaching, the first thing you want is to make your home look all spic and span. We want our homes to look sparkly from both the inside as well as the outside. While there are multiple choices to make your interiors look prettier, lights are the best option to decorate the exteriors of your house.

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Here are a few ways in which you can make the exteriors of your home look bright and sparkly this festive season-

  • Led Strips for the Roof: LED strips allow you to decorate inch to inch of that open roof with light and color. Line those strips all over the roof or create cute little patterns with them on the rooftop. Play around with them however you wish!
  • LED Strips for the Walls: The same way that rooftops need to be spruced up for the festival, the exteriors walls of the home are an open space that looks dull. Using LED strips to decorate the walls make the whole house look bright and magical.
  • LED Strips to Border the Roofs and Window Sill: This is a simpler version of filling up the whole wall and rooftops with a bunch of LED strips. Lining them up with LED light strips is a simple and elegant way to decorate your home for the festive season.

LED Decorations For Interiors

LED strips and strings are absolutely handy when it comes to decorating your house for festivals. Colorful, twinkling, sparkling LED lights all over the house can make even a small space look heavenly and magical.Image Source: http://www.cachecrazy.com/dhbffi5998/6026UVRSqG/

Here are a few ways in which you can achieve this –

  • LED Strips for Doorways: commercial LED strips <do follow> over the doorway of each room can be one of the simplest forms of decorating your home for the festival. Colorful LED lights are even better.
  • LED Strip Glow Sticks: This is another fun way to decorate your home in a Star Wars kind of way! You can LED strip glow sticks that are either made of bright white light or colorful lights as a decoration inside your home. You can place a bunch of them in cute vases to create beautiful and well-lit showpieces.
  • LED Strips for Stairways: Be it for a festival or just any other Wednesday, lighting up your stairways is an elegant and classy way of brightening up the home. It helps in finding your way around as well as lights up space perfectly.

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LED Decorations For Outdoor Parties

Festivals are that time of the year when the whole family and friends get together to share happiness. When there are more people, it may seem a little congested inside the house. Outdoor parties and get together are the best way to go in such cases. That means, the outdoors need to look as festive as the mood of your guests is. Lighting the outdoors with LED lights gives a perfect look and feel for an outdoor get-together for festivals.

Source:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViR7MIKmrD8

  • LED Strips for Trees: If you have a garden party, then decorating the trees with LED strips and string lights are an amazing way to spice up space. They will brighten up the outdoors and make the whole space look absolutely festive. You can spiral the strips all over the tree trunk and branches. So that when they’re lit, it would seem like the whole tree has come alive with magic.
  • LED Strips Handing Down the Branches: This is another option to decorate the trees in your garden. If the trees are pretty lush with leaves and flowers, then wounding the LED strips all over the tree would be hard. Instead, hanging down a bunch of LED strips and strings from the branches of the trees is the best option in such cases.
  • LED Floating Lamps and Lanterns: For poolside parties, this is an amazing idea to fill the space with light and colors. Colorful floating lanterns placed all over the pool are an elegant and stylish way to decorate the empty space. It also keeps the guests away from putting their hands or legs in the pool, that’s an added advantage!
  • Hanging Patterns Made of LED Strips: This is a truly gorgeous and grand way to decorate your outdoors for the festival. Tie a few strong strings and hang the LED strips around them to create beautiful patterns and designs. These patterns or shapes can be of stars, oil lamps, gift boxes, Christmas trees, etc. Alternatively, they could also be some random and pretty patterns like a spiral, spherical, orbs, graphical, etc. These hanging pattern lights will surely make your day!
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Festivals and celebrations are filled with lights so that the brightness lifts everyone’s mood and fills the space with energy. It is also an emotional connection where people believe that by lighting up their home for festivals, every kind of darkness and negativity will be eradicated from their home and their lives.

These ideas for decorating your home for this festive season are just a few creative ways to incorporate LED strips in lighting up space.

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