Most Needed Bathroom Supplies List

Bathroom Supplies listBathroom Supplies list

Bathroom Supplies list: People who are looking for a list of good bathroom supplies online will love to go through the best place online for the same.

Whether you want to get a list of bathroom utilities for cleaning the washroom or you are willing to make your washroom equipped well with all the required cleaning agents and toiletries, you should know well that finding quality products is not fun. You will have to be prepared well for shopping for the best and really useful products.

As the washroom is one of the highest traffic areas in residential and commercial units, maintenance of hygiene and restoring its cleaning frequently becomes more important.

Bathroom Supplies List

Things become far important for you to understand when you have a big family and guests in your home.  Moreover, you should be assured that you have everything in your washroom that can be required ever during cleaning or use of the toilet and washroom.

Here is the list of some most commonly used bathroom utilities –

Disinfectant and Cleaning Agent

Removal of damp towels and clothing of washroom for replacing them with new ones is done with disinfectant.  The wastebasket can be washed with disinfectant for cleaning it well from inside and outside. Also, this will reduce the chances of microbial growth in the waste basket. {Buy Waste Basket by Amazon for just $8.51}

Similarly, all the washroom fittings and toilet accessories can be washed or wiped with disinfectant for maintenance of hygiene in a washroom.

Baking Soda

If you want to remove stains from the floor of your washroom, you can use baking soda by pouring 2 tablespoons on a toilet brush.

Scrubbing edges and toilet bowl with this brush will eliminate the odor and stains too. You will love to enjoy the fresh look of your toilet within 5 minutes in this way.

Bleaching Powder

Bleaching powder is the best color lighting agent with awesome chemical properties for killing micro-organisms.

For cleaning the bathroom sink, use soapy water with a tablespoon of bleach and a non-abrasive scrub sponge that helps incomplete cleaning of the surface. This idea is good for the removal of all the grease and grime.

Rinse the sink well and wipe it from outside with a damp rag. Wiping the faucet and fixtures with a cloth and drying it with a soft cloth will finish the process of cleaning. Your washroom will shine like anything after this cleaning process.

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Dishwashing Liquid, Sponge & Gloves

These utilities cannot be avoided to be kept in the washroom ever as they will be required by you during every step of cleaning the washroom. Especially when you want to clean your bathtub, you will need these things. Just put on the pair of gloves and sprinkle some dish-washing liquid with 3 tablespoons of baking soda in the tub. Now, scrubbing the tub well inside and cleaning pipes and showerheads with a toothbrush will leave your tub with a shiny appearance.

Paper Towel, Mop, and Cloth

A professionally used mop is the best product for cleaning the floor and surface. The use of water and soap with disinfectant for this purpose is a good idea. On the other hand, paper towels and cloth are used for cleaning the washroom mirror. Rubbing the mirror gently with a piece of paper towel dampened with alcohol makes it clean and shiny.

Other Bathroom Supplies

Toilet papers (double or single), face towels, hand towels, bath towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste, bathing soap and body wash on the basis of your personal preference should also be kept in a toilet.

Drum vs Orbital Floor Sander

Blockboard vs Plywood

Bathroom Fan:

The bathroom exhaust fan removes moisture quickly.

Bathing soaps and body wash with catchy fragrances can be selected by you only as per your choice.

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