Using Technology and Innovative Design to Help Improve Your Health

When we emerge from the relatively protected world of high school and college, we begin to understand what our years as an adult will be like. Rather than living at home or attending a university with just 15 hours of classes each week, we’re now signed up for a job that has us working over 40 hours. Our workday is really stressful, and we have to constantly deal with overwhelming project lists, long meetings, and too many emails to count. With all that is going on, it’s easy to lose track of yourself and forget what is really important in life.

When we get ground down by the constant demands at work and the realities of an adult world that seems to take much more than it gives, our energy level and overall vitality start to drop too. We can quickly forget about our wellness when we are focused on just about everything else. Yet, good health is the most important factor in being able to live our life fully and wonderfully. We have to be sure to make our well-being a top priority and look for innovative ways to care for and protect our health now and for the years to come.

There’s An App for That!

We are fortunate to live in a time when innovative technology and design can help us stay healthy and focus our attention on wellness. With the emergence of the smartphone, we’ve seen the launch of some amazing apps and wearable technologies that can help us monitor what’s going on with our lives and bodies. The wearable devices provide data on heart rate and variability, physical activity, and even blood pressure measurements. The sampled data is then available for analysis within the app on your phone.

You can also use health apps to help track what you are eating each day. They can tally your calories consumed and make nutritional recommendations too. This feedback loop can help encourage you to modify your existing behavior and create new, healthier habits. There are even apps that monitor the quality and duration of sleep, so you can evaluate if you are getting enough rejuvenation time each night.

Protecting Against Harmful UV Radiation

Throughout the world, there is an increasing awareness of the effects and potential harm of UV rays. This has led to a variety of consumer products that include ingredients that help protect your skin health and reduce your overall exposure to UV radiation. There has also been tremendous innovation in product design, with key companies creating new items that go well beyond sunscreens to protect your health.

If you like to spend time at the beach and want to make sure you guard against the harmful effects of the sun, you’ll want to check out UPF 50+ swimsuits that are now available. An Ultraviolet Protection Factor, or UPF, of 50+ means, that these beautifully designed suits can effectively block some 98% of the incoming UVA and UVB rays. Best of all, you won’t need any sunscreen or harmful chemicals for the parts of your body that are covered by stylish suits. These products, which are lightweight and quick-drying, are available for men, women, and children.

Consult with Highly Rated Doctors Using Telemedicine

When you find that you have a health issue or concern and need a doctor’s appointment, it can be a frustrating process. You may have to wait a while to schedule your visit with your local primary care provider, and with the recent pandemic, the thought of sitting in a crowded physician’s appointment lobby is definitely not desirable. There’s a far better way to take care of your needs in this case. If you would like an appointment today with a highly rated doctor, consider setting up a consult with a physician via telemedicine.

You’ll be able to read the doctor’s reviews online and select the best one for you. From there, you book a time and then simply log on to a video chat from the comfort of your own home. There’s no driving to the medical office, no waiting in the lobby, and no waiting after that in the treatment room. Your doctor will provide the skilled, one on one consultation you need and can even call in prescriptions if needed. In general, the initial cost is less than an urgent care visit and if you sign up as a member of the online service you and your family will find that the discounted rates for future visits are quite affordable.

If you want to take care of your well-being now and in the years to come, take a look at technical and design advances that can help you improve your life. From swimwear that protects you against the sun, to apps for wellness and virtual doctor’s visits, you’ll find there are new solutions available to will help you monitor and improve your health.

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