Affordable Treadmill & Bike to make the Workout Experience Magical


 Either it’s building a home gym or your weight loss process; everything becomes very easy with a low budget treadmill. Investing in a good workout machine is always a good idea to update your workout for satisfied cardio goals. This will ensure a consistent workout routine that won’t require you to get out of your home. To know more, read below as we guide you to buying the perfect low budget treadmill for under 500 dollars.

Features to look for in the treadmill:

Your space: treadmills occupy a very large space as compared to other machines because they have a proper running surface. Usually foldable treadmills work well than others as they make the whole storage process very easy because they can be reduced to half their wife after use, but they aren’t available always. Always choose a location where you want to fit the treadmill and then buy the correct size for you. This works best when you have limited space in your house and yet want to buy an affordable treadmill.

Control module: the modules vary in every other model. Some might have a very advanced module with buttons spread all over the panel and others might be very simplified versions with compact spaces occupying buttons. Some LCD displays have big detailed backlit screens whereas the others have small screens that can’t be seen clearly. A lot of built in preset programs are also appreciated in treadmills.

Belt size: size of the running belt is very important because treadmills under 500 dollars don’t give a lot of space for running. To keep the cost low the size of these belts is reduced which isn’t always appreciated by people. If you fit into the description of an average adult, there won’t be a problem with the size. It won’t be very large but it will be enough for you to have a decent workout. You might find a problem while walking but as the speed increases, the comfort level increases and the experience becomes better.

Incline selection: there are different types of inclines available to use. It might be manual incline or motorized incline controls. The manual incline is when you have to get off the machine to adjust the settings and only two to three options are available. Motorized inclines offer at least 10% of incline at the touch of a button and the rest is adjusted manually as well.

Secondary features: a good treadmill will have safety features attached to it, including a safety tether that results in an emergency stop if you remove it. The emergency stop occurs when you faint, fall or collapse. It might come accompanied by Bluetooth speakers so that you can listen to your favorite music while running. Handle mounted heart rate monitors also help in keeping track of your heart rate while exercising. It is preferable for the assembly process to be done by an expert because it is difficult to construct a treadmill all on your own.

Now we have a stationary exercise bike that is an effective and efficient way to burn calories and get into shape. As compared to other bikes, it puts less stress on your joints and proves to be excellent for use. Exercise bikes are low impact exercises that prevent any strain or injury because the pressure is moved away from knees and ankles.

There are four types of bikes:

Upright stationary bikes:

These bikes have sleek and sophisticated designs with handlebars being parallel to the seat. This means that you have to lean forward to hold the handle while riding the bike. It works similar to an outdoor bicycle and super comfortable to use. These bikes have padded seats, display measuring speed and heart rates, adjustments for seats and covered handlebars. They can be placed anywhere inside the house making them convenient and the versatility is increased because of the efficient indoor workout that they provide. They are very cheap and don’t cost more than 250 dollars.

It is a low impact exercise that does not cause any splints or sore muscles. The storage is made easier by the foldable bikes and the heart rate monitors your heart goals. There is almost no production of noise while using them which means you can enjoy music easily. There is a variety of resistance levels that range from being easy to very challenging that suit everybody’s preferences and needs.

Recumbent stationary bikes:

These bikes have a laid back design with a seat that is set back from the pedals. The cushioning of the seat is very comfortable and it does not have handlebars because of its unique design. They take very little space in terms of storage and they are very stable and safe to use. They provide excellent lower body workout even for people who are overweight because they are fit for all sizes and heights.

Some bikes have seats that can be adjusted both, horizontally and vertically along with a quiet paddling experience. The pedals and the grips are padded for the extra effort and the stainless steel frame provides durability. The backseat is thick and cushioned along with a smooth magnetic resistance that provides a better workout. They are made up of high-quality material and hence are sometimes expensive.

Dual action stationary bike:

It has been designed to give two different ways of workout. It can be combined with a stair climber, elliptical, or any other good exercise machine. These bikes are comfortable to use, user-friendly and low maintenance. They give up to eight levels of resistance and have accommodations for all heights. The seats are thick and cushioned with a very easy on and off from the bike. LCD displays are easy to read and include all sorts of different measurements including heart rates and calories burnt. They have handlebars but there isn’t much need to use them. Their sizes vary greatly, hence you should choose wisely about what you want. They are sturdy and durable because high-quality material is used in the making. They have excellent warranties which are why the manufacturer has to make sure these bikes are heavy-duty and long-lasting.

Interactive stationary bikes:

The main feature of these bikes is that they have large screens that can use during the workout. The screen displays all sorts of shows along with living mock spinning classes to make you feel like you are actually a part of the workout. Some of the bikes even allow you to play video games in between the workout and a lot of boys prefer these. They are cheaper than normal bikes and are available in a variety of colors.

In conclusion, the treadmills and the bikes help you in preparing for marathons and result in a healthy cardiovascular system that increases the oxygen level of your blood making them a must-have for everybody. To get more information on these, visit

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