Teeth Whitening Treatment Cost, Advices

Teeth Whitening Treatment CostTeeth Whitening Treatment Cost

Teeth are vital part of our body which should be given as much importance as given to others. Doctor shall be consulted regularly regarding any cavity,  tooth decay or discoloration. These days the problem of dental discoloration of varying degree is seen in millions of people even after proper brushing and regular dental checkup.

Teeth Whitening Treatment

The factors which are responsible are food habits, environmental conditions, and passing time. These do affect the natural radiance of teeth. Fortunately there is a treatment available for this problem which is known as teeth whitening. It can be done through consulting any dentist who has a prior experience in it. This treatment removes the stains as well as brings back the teeth radiance.

There are two types of stains regarding teeth. One is extrinsic and other is intrinsic stains. Extrinsic stains are those present on the surface of teeth as a result of exposure to dark-colored beverages, tobacco and daily wear and tear. Intrinsic stains form on the interior resulting from aging, exposure to minerals. Both of these can be treated through a dental procedure. There are several products available in the markets which guarantee the teeth radiance, but to be on the safer side a professional teeth whitening treatment under the supervision of a dentist shall be taken, which is capable of giving successful results. A range of teeth whitening treatment is there and one is free to choose from them. The results depend on the type of treatment one undergo and his dental status. Its side effects are very rare and mild which can be taken care of very easily.

Teeth whitening treatments in India are available to satisfy every budget and time constraint. The treatments, however, are not recommended for children below 18 yrs of age, pregnant women and lactating mothers. There are conventional as well as laser treatments available according to the demand of patients. The conventional treatment is wearing fitted mouth trays which contain bleaching gel.

A satisfying result of it can be seen after 14 days. In laser treatment, highly reactive gel is applied, which is activated by laser to initiate oxidation process. This procedure takes an hour or two to complete. It is high in demand and gives 100 percent guarantee.

Teeth Whitening Treatment Cost:

The various treatments include whitening top up treatment, laser teeth whitening, teeth whitening, home whitening kits, chemical teeth whitening, and some more. They have different costs to fit into the budget of patients. Whitening top up treatment will range between INR2500-INR3500. Teeth whitening will range between INR5000-INR15000. Laser teeth whitening being more effective will range between INR6000-INR15000. Home whitening kits are available for INR4000-INR8000.

A lot of advantages and disadvantages are associated with teeth whitening. The advantages are many as evenly whitened teeth add to the beauty of person enabling him to smile more often. A whiter smile tends to minimize the appearance of facial wrinkles giving an enhanced appearance to the face. The disadvantages cannot be denied but it can be easily taken care of. It can cause sore gums and tooth from the bleach. But once the use of bleach is over, they disappear. If a person is sensitive to chemicals he shall inform the cosmetic dentist regarding it before hand so that he can be tested for a better solution. Bleaching may or may not be effective to all the people so they probably go for superior solutions like laser, which have their side effects too. They are also more in cost as compared to bleaching.

Before undergoing any dental treatment we should know its pros and cons and a specific dentist shall be consulted for better results.

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