Setting Expectations for Home Visiting Doctor App

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Have you been feeling under the weather the past few days? Due to the recent coronavirus outbreak, going outdoors has become a somewhat dangerous activity. Even going to the hospital for a check-up can put you at risk. To address this concern, having a virtual check-up has become an accepted medical practice during this time. Another great alternative is to use a home visiting doctor app that will connect you with a professional who can come to your place. Who can benefit the most from this mobile app, and would you know if it is a good one? What should you expect during the home visitation? These are the questions that this article endeavors to address.

Who is it for?

A telemedicine application that offers a home visit option is most suitable if you have an urgent medical concern that is not life-threatening. Sicknesses like respiratory infections, strep throat, allergies, sprains, and urinary tract infections fall under this category. Additionally, it is beneficial for individuals who have to address a chronic health problem like high blood pressure and asthma. People will also find this app useful for preventive medical procedures, like vaccination, depression assessment, diabetes management, and prenatal care.

What to look for in a visiting doctor’s app?

One of the important considerations when choosing a home visiting doctor app is the credentials of the physicians. Most doctors who do house visits are registered, general practitioners, and family doctors. Some of them are also experienced physicians specializing in emergency medicine. You may also request for surgeons if the situation calls for it.

Another consideration that you should factor when searching for a mobile app with a home visitation feature is the response time of the physician. Ideally, your physician should be able to visit you at your place within three hours of your initial online check-up. If you cannot wait because you feel your health concern needs immediate attention, you may opt to head to the hospital’s emergency room instead.

Thirdly, the people skill of its staff should also be an important concern when contacting a provider of this service. It is a given that they are competent at their craft; otherwise, they would not be accredited to practice medicine. However, being patient-centered and emphatic are special skills, only great doctors have. You will be able to sense this upon your first virtual meet-up. If you do not think you can confide with the doctor initially assigned to you, you may request a new one without charge.

What to expect during your first virtual consultation?

During your house visit, expect your physician to be wearing a PPE to protect both of you. All of his materials will be sanitized before and after the visit, so there is no need to worry about viral transmission. He will also advise you to extend the same caution by making you wear your mask. He will also practice social distancing with you unless during a physical examination. It is also a common practice that when your doctor visits you at home, your medical check-up will be held in a well-ventilated place like your backyard if there is no need for you to show sensitive parts of your body.

The development of telemedicine applications is one of the most ingenious and practical inventions in this day and age. It can be a life-saver for many who cannot risk going out during this precarious period in history. It is also a convenient way to experience being cared for by a medical professional even if you cannot go to the hospital. What are you waiting for? Download a telemedicine app now that has a physician visit option.

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