Everything You Need to Know in Getting a Medical Marijuana Card in New York

medical marijuanamedical marijuana

New York is known for having the most stringent medical marijuana systems in the United States. Their legislations are similar to other legalized marijuana states. But it is time-consuming and costly to have access to an MMJ card.

However, this evolved in 2017, when the companies took advantage of the New York State Senate Bill 2405. This bill enables telehealth organizations to use online communication and information technology to provide health services, including evaluation, diagnosis, referral, rehabilitation, training, care management, and self-management. It is now easy to get a medical marijuana New York card.

If you need a medical marijuana card and you live in New York, here’s a detailed guide for you.

Step 1 – Contact a health care provider in New York

The first step towards getting a medical marijuana New York card is to talk to a doctor or a health provider licensed by the New York State Department of Health’s Medical Marijuana Program. You can schedule an appointment at the actual office, or you can connect to a doctor online.

It is advisable first to obtain your medical files, as it is required, and will help facilitate and expedite the process.

They will grant a medical marijuana New York certification when a qualified doctor recommends you to be an eligible applicant for medical cannabis use. But even after the physician’s approval, further steps should still be taken before you could buy marijuana from a licensed pharmaceutical facility.

Keep in mind that you must be a legal resident of New York to have an MMJ card. Provide proof of residence, such as your New York ID, any photo ID that shows your address, or a passport.

Step 2 –Register with the official NY Medical Marijuana Program

Once you have been diagnosed with a qualifying medical condition by a licensed doctor, register with the Medical Marijuana Program through New York’s Patient Registration System. You may ask your physician’s office to help you register, and MMJ doctors will include it in the consultation rate.

Likewise, you may send a request through the New York State portal. You will need to create a new account if it is your first medical cannabis card application.

It will take a regular seven to ten working days to be approved. Once you receive it, you can buy legal marijuana from a licensed New York State retailer.

Are there any purchasing limits?

A patient’s certifying physician should include the following details on the patient’s accreditation:

  • The accredited form and the specific brand of the legal, medical marijuana
  • The method of administration
  • Any restrictions about the use of legitimate medical marijuana goods

When a physician has a medication guideline, it must be included in the accreditation, though a dosage guideline is not mandated. In particular, the total quantity of the product that can dispense should not surpass a one-month supply for the patient.

Note that cannabis is not legal for recreational consumption. Medicinal marijuana is only permissible as vapors, oils, and capsules. Growing marijuana, even with a card, is also illegal.

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