How to Cure Wet Cough Ayurvedic Treatment

Wet Cough Ayurvedic TreatmentWet Cough Ayurvedic Treatment

We have got a number of solution for you to cure Wet Cough Ayurvedic treatment without any side-effects.

It is the time when you have to come back to your home since you’re no more able to work, you feel exhausted, and your body is aching, and so on. All these troubles may strike your routine and harm it badly. When it is a time at midnight, no one is around, who would care for you. No need of bothering for all these questions as you have got home remedies to solve your health sickness.

These cures are prepared from the things that are easily available at your home. It is not a big deal to find any of these materials. As we care for your convenience. This is something like an important evil, as coughing guards our airway of lungs, throat, and nose against foreign materials. But as it is evil and causes discomfort, it’s necessary to have something to prevent it.

Indications of wet cough

  1. It comes with a sudden ache in throat and chest as well
  2. A cough can take out mucus and phlegm along with it
  3. It results in –
    • Exhaustion
    • Fatigue and
    • Irritability

If you feel any of these symptoms then you should do some medication, as you would feel restless, very frail, and your body may lose resistance. You get tired very soon and would not be able to work.

What is the root?

The wet cough usually results from common cold, climatic changes and any kind of infections. Our body is very sensitive to change and it can catch trouble as soon as we stop bothering about the surroundings. Please be cautious about what you eat, where you go (weather) and where you touch.

Home-made Cures

Cure -1


  • Peppercorns (Kalimirch) – 1 tsp
  • Sugar candy (Mishri) – 2 tsp
  • Liquorice Powder (Mulethi) – 3 tsp


Just crush everything unless it turns to a fine powder.

Directions to use

Have this powder 4 times a day.

Cure- 2


  • Ginger paste- 1 tsp
  • Honey- 1 tsp


Crush the paste and take out the juice. Mix the ginger extracted ginger juice along with honey and place it in a hot water bowl for some time.

Directions to use

Have the prepared juice thrice a day.

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We care for you and have got the best cures. Please try to do these home remedies as its good to cure it by home-made rather than rushing for medicines for every single health problem.

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