Coronavirus and what Ayurveda has to Offer to Keep Safe


The sudden outbreak of Coronavirus has left the whole world in a massive state of panic. Like other countries, India too has witnessed more than 300+ cases across major cities. Primary schools and other educational institutions have already shut down and Maharastra has announced Section 144 from March 23rd. Organizations are resorting to working from home for a majority of the workforce.

Airports in India have already established specialist helps desks to scan people arriving in the country. If affected, people are immediately being taken to isolation centers to help prevent the spread. While staying indoors seems to be a viable option, it seems not everyone can afford to do so, given their nature of the job. At such a crucial juncture, doctors and medicinal experts opine to boost immunity to keep the odds away.

While several options are being explored, Ayurveda too falls under the ambit of protective measures. Ayurveda guru Ramdev has already mentioned how consuming Tulsi and Giloy can be beneficial to fight the spread of Covid-19. Immunity enhancing products like Chaywanprash seems to be flying off the shelves real fast as people are leaving no stone unturned to keep safe. This post seeks to explore the options of Ayurveda in fighting the spread of the coronavirus.

The Power of Herbs

Following the outbreak of Coronavirus, there has been a 15-20 percent in demand for Ayurvedic products and immunity-boosting elements like Ashwagandha and Shilajit. Every single brand that is into the business of Ayurvedic products is approaching very cautiously to ensure that this communicable disease is kept at bay all the time. It’s interesting to note how more and more people are turning towards leading a healthier life and prefer to shift towards Ayurvedic or organic ways of living life. Ayurvedic products like Amla and Sesame Oil are also witnessing heavy sales. Doctors have also prescribed people to use sesame oil; a few drops to be applied across each nostril which will help lubricate the passage and also offer strength to the mucus membrane keeping the foreign particles away. Therapeutic treatments like “Nasya” are recommended to keep your nose, head sinus and throat protected by using medicated oils like shadabindu and anu.

In his take on fighting corona the Ayurvedic way, yoga guru Baba Ramdev laid stress on the importance of consuming Tulsi with black pepper, ginger, and turmeric for people experiencing any early symptoms of the virus infection.

The Ayurvedic guru also mentioned how everyone should perform exercises like “Pranayama”, Anulom Vilom and Kapalabhati that functions to boost body immunity instantly, especially in children.

Fighting Covid-19, the Ayurvedic Way

While leading medical researches around the globe are looking to find a cure for corona, Ayurveda expert’s bank on the power of natural ingredients to mitigate the spread. As such, age-old Indian herbs like Giloy, Amla, Neem, Shilajit seems to be the top of the list of preference for daily consumption.

In essence, these herbs are already identified as purifying and strengthening products that will help add to the immunity of one’s body and offer adequate protection. A simple measure usually followed during winters, eating a tablespoonful of Chaywanprash is looked at as a preventive way to keep your lungs strong-the organ that is the target point for corona.

On the other hand, we got Amla (Emblica Officinalis) which is a natural herb to fight body infections. Coupled with Neem that works as a natural purifying agent, they build up a wall of protection against your lungs, thus boosting your respiratory system for good. While consumption of Ayurvedic herbs is being prescribed, one must not forget that good digestion also forms an important part of building immunity. Hence, one should also give equal importance to better their digestive system. For instance, eating fresh ginger every day morning or consuming it with tea can give great results. Alongside, cardamom, mint, and fennel infused tea are some great beverage options during these times.

Better Safe than Sorry

The World Health Organization has already requested one and all to inculcate a habit of washing their hands frequently with hand wash liquid. Also, one should keep sanitizing their hands with alcohol-based rubs to steer clear from being infected.

People are constantly being asked to eat preferably home-cooked food, avoid mingling in large groups, wear protective masks (N-95 if possible) while traveling, avoid spitting in the open and seeking immediate medical help if they experience symptoms like coughing, fever, breathing problems or body ache. In case, one feels that he’s infected, he should isolate himself from others in a separate room and rest for at least 10-14 days. Regular use of cleaning products and disinfecting one’s house is also looked at as a great way of keeping oneself safe.


That being said, it is necessary to understand how Ayurveda and Ayurvedic products can help build a barrier of protection against Coronavirus. For ages, Ayurveda has been the preferred way of treatment for many with amazing healing properties. When everything seems to be failing to work against such a deadly virus, there is no harm in entrusting a science that has stood the test of time for the greater good. Do you believe in the power of Ayurveda? What are you doing to keep yourself safe in the face of the Corona outbreak?

Drop us a line below in the comments section and let us know. Let us all stay united and be resilient towards adopting the best preventive measures and together hopefully we will find a way to end this pandemonium once and for all.

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