Constipation in Babies – Causes, Treatment, Remedy

avoid Baby Constipationavoid Baby Constipation

Find our reasons why Constipation in Babies happens why and causes and treatment of baby constipation.

It’s as if adults aren’t having a hard time dealing with their own constipation. How much more if it’s the baby that has it? Not only is it hard to detect constipation in babies, but it’s not easy to help him or her deal with it as well. You have to know how to go about this properly.

Know the Causes

Knowing the causes is the first on the list. Babies can get constipated due to low water or fluid intake or lack of nourishment in general. Like you, fiber is important to the baby because that’s what allows the body to expel waste more efficiently.

What types of food that might cause the baby’s constipation will also be on a case to case basis, so know which foods do cause constipation to him or her. Avoid dairy products and certain types of fruits (i.e. bananas), because these are common agents of constipation for some people.

Identify The Symptoms

Next to knowing the causes is identifying the symptoms of constipation. Keep watch over your baby and check for these signs frequently. Abdominal pain is a symptom, but it might be hard since your baby can’t directly tell you where the pain he or she is currently experiencing is from. But if you notice that the baby’s stools are pellet-like, or that the frequency of his or her bowel movements has significantly decreased recently, then your baby most likely has constipation.

Constipation Treatment

Should your baby have constipation, then it’s time to start adjusting the diet. Increase and decrease the baby’s food intake as necessary in order to help the child from experiencing discomfort too much. You will also need to give focus on putting more fiber-rich food in your baby’s diet. Foods rich in fiber include cereal, vegetables, prune juices, wheat and some fruits. Increase water and fluid intake as well. Do away with junk food, too much refined sugar, and dairy products. If you’re not breastfeeding your child, give him or her soy-milk rather than ordinary milk.

Don’t ignore your baby’s need to go to the toilet. Otherwise, it will only cause the waste to build up, making constipation much harder to deal with.

Should the problem persist, then it’s time you had a visit to your doctor. Sometimes constipation could be caused by something else other than food intake or bowel movement frequency, and that’s something your doctor should be able to handle. Have your pediatrician prescribe the medication and you have to make sure that you follow the prescribed dosage right down to the dot. Regularly visit your doctor and make sure that you contact him or her immediately should things get worse.

Don’t panic. The best thing that you could do is to find ways to alleviate your child from the discomfort of constipation by following the guidelines above.

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