5 Top Advantages of Apartment Living

Apartment livingApartment living

Most people may believe in the American dream — getting a car, buying a house, and having kids. But just that’s how it is for many doesn’t mean that’s how it has to be for you.

A home is a place to hang your hat, but that’s just a figure of speech. In reality, your home doesn’t have to be in a house.

Deciding to rent and live in an apartment is convenient, and alleviates a lot of the stress of being a homeowner.

Even though you may feel pressured to own a house doesn’t mean that’s right for you. The reality is that renting gives you as many, if not more, benefits than owning a house.

Let me explain more and discuss some top advantages of apartment living.

1. Less Financial Responsibility

While it’s nice to have a house, it’s expensive to pay a mortgage and maintain one. If you’re thinking of switching careers, you may not want to invest all your money in the home property. You’d rather invest in your education, instead.

Owning a home can result in stress if you’re struggling to make your payments. That’s why you should take great care to think about what you want.

With an apartment, rent is cheaper than paying a mortgage. You don’t have to worry about defaulting on a loan. Plus, utilities are more affordable since you’re living in a smaller space.

2. Minimalism

If you’re a minimalist or would like to be one, having an apartment encourages this habit. After all, there are only so many belongings you can fit in an apartment.

Sure, you can rent out a storage room separate from your apartment. But to keep costs down, try to store everything in your apartment.

Apartment living is the perfect opportunity for you to own fewer belongings. Having less stuff makes it easier for you to keep things tidy and organized.

Plus, you may decide to move in the future. When moving, you won’t have to deal with moving as much since you’ve consolidated everything.

3. Intimate Space

Living in an apartment allows you the opportunity to be closer to the people you live with.

If you and your spouse are newlyweds, you’ll be able to spend more time with one another. The same goes for newly retired couples who’d like to reconnect.

It’s easier to make an effort to spend time together in a smaller space. Whereas if you’re in a house, it’s easy to retreat to the far end of the house and do your own thing.

An apartment “forces” you to spend time with the other person. Although at times you may get annoyed, take advantage of this time together!

4. Specific Features & Amenities

You may find a house you like, but it doesn’t have everything you’re looking for. For example, you may be set on wood floors, but there’s the only carpet.

It can take time to make changes to your home, and that can get frustrating when you’re anxious to get settled. Switching from carpet to wood flooring isn’t a task that happens overnight!

With an apartment, you can find one with wood floors. And, if you want stainless steel appliances, you can select a unit that has this feature too.

It’s a lot easier to find an apartment that suits your needs instead of adding extra features to a house.

5. 24/7 Maintenance

Having to deal with your plumbing issues can be a nightmare. At first, you may try to resolve the problem on your own. But many times, you have to contact a plumber, which can take a lot of time and money.

Apartment living has a maintenance team that is usually on call. If you were to have an emergency in the middle of the night, a team member could help.

It’s ideal not having to worry about resolving issues like this on your own. It’s yet another excellent benefit of living in an apartment.

Bonus: Being Social

Yet another benefit of renting is community. It’s fun becoming friends with your neighbors.

You’re closer to neighbors in a rental, and it’s easy to spend time with them. Catch up with some neighbors while exercising in the community gym or pool. Both are other amenities to enjoy and meet new people.

What’s more, there are likely areas near your rental where you can be social not only with neighbors but with friends and family too. For example, you could gather by the main bbq area or chat while having a picnic on the grass.


Renting has many advantages, and what you read above may make sense to you. Owning a home may sound grand, but it isn’t for everyone.

Whereas settling into an apartment is attractive for a variety of reasons. Plus, did I mention having a pet in an apartment makes life all the more fun?

You’d be wise to continue to be a renter and soak up all the benefits of apartment living.

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