7 tips to consider Before you Decide to Travel with your Pet

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Check out 7 tips to consider before you decide to travel with your pet.

A trip to an unfamiliar country is surely more fun and exciting when you have your furry and cozy family member by your side. Although flying with a four-legged creature could be a hectic romance, but you simply can’t ignore the cute face of his no matter what.

Packing for yourself is totally different from packing for your pet. You need to bring extra food to help your pet with his craving stomach, a blanket which will remind him of home, or a toy he can play with while you are out with your partner. This list is never-ending and filled up with a lot more other things one has to sort when traveling with their pet.

Thus, when making a travel decision, one need to pre-plan everything in advance, and this article will help you in doing so. Penned below, are the 7 steps every pet lover must know and consider before he or she makes a plan to travel any part of the world with a furry buddy.

Will you be able to give him the attention he is found off?

Before heading to aboard, or even before packing your stuff, sit and think whether you will be able to give your pet the same attention he is enjoying at home? For instance, if you are traveling for professional work, you will hardly get any time to spend with your pet. Pets often feel sad when ignored, and that is not what you want to happen.

This may sound bad, but unless you will be able to spend a lot of time with your pet, they will probably be happier at home than tagging along on your trip. Thus, think wisely before making any further move.

Make sure the pet is of the right size

The airline you will be traveling with won’t give your pet an extra seat to move his tail at hence, size matters. Airlines are very particular and strict about the size of pet carriers. Your pet should be able to fit underneath the seat in front of you no matter you like it or not.

So if you have a big Bulldog roaming in your house then sorry, he is not boarding the flight to a new country with endless opportunities. Normally dogs that are around 15 pounds or less can comfortably fit in the mandated size of the airline-approved pet carrier. Is your pet more or less than 15 pounds?

Let us know in the comment section below.

Do research about the weather

The decision to what to pack for the pet could be way more challenging and confusing. Just like little babies, dogs also experience mood swings which need to be taken care off. Although most of the time they are the happiest creatures on the planet but steeping on to a new place can instantly give them the feeling of homesickness.

Before heading to the destination get your research done. The weather factor plays a crucial role both for you and your pet. Check the weather to your destination and collect the right stuff accordingly. Furry pets are comfortable with cold weather, but smaller creatures may need a sweater your grandma once stitched for you.

So what’s cooking?

Pets are always hungry, something I experienced when I was working at CDR report Australia. Every Friday my colleague use to bring her dog to the workplace, and everyone used to feed him with something every now and then.

Pets use up lots of their energy dashing around, so they need plenty of easy-to-digest food. A new country might not serve your pets their favorite biscuits, thus packing them enough in advance is something you should never ignore. Also, make sure you give your pet protein-rich food so they can sustain in the new environment without a hustle.

Make sure the pet has what it takes to fly

Some pets love to peep out of the car’s window to flaunt their fur leaving every other girl awww, but the airplane windows won’t give them such freedom and fame. Thus, things may get uneven sometimes. High-stress pets or pets with high anxiety are not the right travel buddies and should be left home with pet sitters.

Also, there are airlines that require your pet to be well-trained so they can be quite throughout the journey. You don’t want to feel embarrassed because of your pet’s vocals right? So before boarding your pet with you, make sure he/she has the right temperament to fly.

Pack your pet and all his necessities

I am not telling you to wrap your pet with a shiny gift wrapping paper, but placing him inside a comfy pet carrier is required. Yes, your pet will not be allowed to roam anywhere and everywhere on the flight. He will be sitting in a bag, so make sure his comfort is not compromised.

Also, an extra pet carrier means that you are only allowed to bring only one other personal item in the cabin. Thus, you must choose a carrier with extra pockets where you can stuff extra things.

It is also important to make sure you have got enough of everything to get your pet through, till the time he lands with you. An extra water bottle, enough food, a fresh bone, etc are some things which will keep him engaged.

Be ready to pay a little more

Bringing your best friend with you on the trip is definitely not cheap. You will have to spend a major chunk of your money depending on the airline you will be boarding. Where some airlines charge over $100 for flying just one way other may fall cheaply on your budget. Thus, research your best in advance.

Also, the hotel you will be staying at will also charge you extra bucks. Thus, budget your trip and see if you have got enough to bring your pet on board with you.

Now as you have done everything right, it’s the time to enjoy a lovely flight with your best and closest friend. So start packing your stuff and let your companion follow you to the beaches of Bahamas and vibrant streets of London.

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