How to Recover Deleted Files from Android Phones/Tablets

Restore deleted Android FilesRestore deleted Android Files

In this guide check out how to recover deleted files from Android phones and tablets easily. Whether its video, images or apk file restore using help here.

It often happens that when we are deleting certain important data from our phone that might have been very important. Normally one cannot recover these files unless and until we follow certain tricks and recover files.  This can be done either on an android phone or a windows computer.

Restoring a File which has been Deleted

First and foremost thing to do is to check the Recycle Bin of your computer and see if the file can be restored from there. If the file is permanently deleted, other options are still left. Otherwise you may restore the previous versions the other way. This can only be applied if you have just deleted a file from the folder, but if you have deleted one whole folder of more than a GB the method mentioned below should be helpful. There are a few tricks which helps in restoring a file when you have deleted it and have realized your mistake, and the foremost thin to do is not to download or put in any extra files on the computer or the phone because the space that has been cleared when you have accidentally deleted a file may get occupied and you may not be able to restore the file that you want to. ‘Restoration’ tool can be used to restore the deleted file. There are other tools which will also do the needful but one has to make sure to run the administrator application every time we download something. Since we use a micro SD card in our android phone and we wish to restore the files on that, we need to take out the card from the phone and put it into the card reader and plug it into the computer and run the ‘restoration’ program. Select the drive that shows your memory card and then follow the given instructions.


Panda Recovery

UnDelete Plus

Recovering deleted images from an android phone

Our phones are gadgets that fulfill all our needs nowadays. If we need to click pictures, we are ready with our phones. Moreover we love to store pictures in our phone and thus our phone is like a personal photo album. But again many a times we land up deleting photos from our phones unintentionally and would do anything to get it back. If the backup wasn’t created on the phone and somehow the pictures got deleted, all we can do is download an application called Android Photo Recovery and run this program as the administrator program. We have to follow the same instructions and put the memory card in the card reader and plug it into the computer and then click on the start button and then see the thumbnails of the images that you want to recover and then select the option ‘recover’.

There are other options too that help you recover the deleted files on an android phone; Dumpster is one such application which acts like a recycle bin on your android phone. It uses the phone memory to keep all the deleted files and helps you to recover it in case you change your mind about recovering the files that you have deleted. This application can restore pdf, mp3, doc, avi, jpg, txt, etc and may require the phone to be rooted which can affect the usage of this application.

We should always try to avoid this usage of these applications, and try to have a backup to all the files that we have in our phones but nevertheless it is wonderful to have applications that help us to recover files for our android phones so that we can recover the files when deleted accidentally.

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