How to Play SWF Files on Apple iPod Touch

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In this guide check out How to Play SWF Files on Apple iPod Touch.

Playing Flash SWF files on Apple products that don’t have support for Abode Flash is a challenge unless you own a jailbroken device. Many people who own an iOS-like a jailbroken iPod Touch look for ways to enable playing of Flash SWF files on it. The procedure involves downloading important setup files. Alternately software conversion software is available.

Steps to JailBreak Apple iPod Touch

  • Download Frash-0.02 deb file.
  • Navigate to /var/root/ Media directory
  • In this create a folder and name it ‘Cydia’. Inside Cydia create another folder and name it ‘AutoInstall’.
  • Copy Frash -0.02 deb file to the ‘AutoInstall folder.
  • Restart your device.
  • Now Flash can be used on iPod Touch!

If you don’t want to go the Jailbreak route there are other ways that can be used for playing Flash SWF, without involving the use of Adobe Player. The most reliable way is to perform SWF conversion using professional SWF-converting software. The iOrgSoft’s Mac SWF to iPod Converter comes highly recommended.

This converter supports many popular formats like MOV, FLV, MP4, and AVI. This software not only converts these video formats to SWF it also supports SWF to audio conversion, letting you convert SWF-files to MP3, AIFF or AC3.

Such conversion-software is pay-to-buy and if you want AWF for free try to alternately visit on iPod Touch browser and save to bookmark before editing bookmark address and deleting everything before word ‘Javascript’ and save it. Now any supported website for watching Flash SWF videos can be opened.

Another alternative is to use Skyfire, a browser tool for converting SWF content to HTML-5 before enabling Flash videos from the web. Puffin web-browser plays Flash remotely on its servers and streams it to the iOS device.

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