Useful tips To Pick Best International Shipping Companies based on Reviews

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When it comes to selecting the best moving company based on reviews and ratings, things become complicated. Simply going through the number of customers rated the company or how many stars it is having is just a smaller portion of the entire game. But you don’t have to worry about it. We have got you covered with smart tips for deciding International Moving Companies Reviews that will make your moving job hassle-free.

Pick Best International Shipping Companies Reviews

Talk to the Service Executive First

Most people commit a common mistake of making their decision just based on reviews and ratings. Although it’s very easy to tweak those numbers, you need to look beyond. Just after you finish your initial search and shortlist a few agencies, give them a call.

To make things simple and understandable, at least contact 3-4 agencies and ask them about their services and expertise. This will give you an edge over choosing the best shipping company.

Ask them to send you a free quote that will be having a tentative shipping time and estimated cost based on your items to be shipped. By comparing the quote side by side, things will be clearer on your side.

Don’t ignore the Shipping company’s Accreditation

The second important thing to add in your evaluation run down is the type of accreditation a shipping company has. While reviewing their quotes, you will generally find their accreditation type in the header or at the bottom of the quote. If a company has mentioned nothing about its credibility, you might better ignore that one.

FIDI FAIM is an organization that certifies a company as a genuine body with top-notch quality standards. To become a FIDI FAIM certified company, the agency needs to undergo a strict audit done by an independent individual.

Under this accreditation, numerous things undergo examination and when all are marked okay, the agency becomes a certified member. If you find such a certification mark on the website or in the quotation, you can assume that it’s a good company.

Company’s Storage Facility matters while Comparing Reviews

In the hurry of choosing the best and affordable shipping company, we tend to forget the basics. Ask the shipping company if they are having their temporary storage area or a warehouse to accommodate your goods safely until you arrive at your destination. There might be a situation when the flight gets delayed or you got engaged in some other important work, in such events, a warehouse is a lifesaver.

If you are visiting the local office of the shipping company, ask them to show you around their storage area if possible. This will give you an idea about their quality of execution.

Shipping Company’s Hidden Charges

While reviewing the quote, pay attention to the hidden charges. If the company has not listed any kind of packaging charges, service charges, or additional foreign handling charges, ask them directly. This is because, if you skimp on these charges while signing the contract, you might end up paying more than written in the contract.

Many companies don’t include all these charges and it becomes an expensive affair at the end. While checking reviews of a company, this is a prominent point to focus on.

Type of Shipping Company

As our shipping requirements are different, the international removal companies are also different. In case if you are looking for a commercial international shipping service, let the company know about your specific requirements and suggest the best solution to fulfill your needs. When you will their website, don’t forget to check the shipping license they are having. It will help you in choosing the best company for your job.

An unlicensed company could be a risky option to ship your goods overseas. As they are just the brokers, in case of a mishap, they won’t be able to help you out. You might end up dealing with some third party companies in the other country.

Reviews on Yelp and Google

Last but unskippable thing to do is check their online reviews. Not only on Google but business directories also. Websites like Yelp and Craigslist will help you with the complete information of the shipping company. There, you will find reviews from real customers. Just go through a few to have an overview. Another useful tip is to Google search the company name and check for the information available on the right side of the search results. If a company is having more than a hundred reviews, you can consider that agency.

By considering the above useful tips, choosing the best international shipping companies from USA to worldwide will not be a difficult task. Get your international removal job done in a hassle-free way by signing a contract with the right company.

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