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Spanish to English TranslationSpanish to English Translation

English and Spanish rank among the top spoken languages worldwide; thus, translation of the two is exceptionally essential. Spanish to English translation can be required: for labels and product inserts, education materials, in the information technology sector, websites, user instructions & manuals, and financial documents.

Translating Spanish to English may pose significant challenges to translators. For example, Spanish has its racial nuances that require substantial knowledge and creativity to come up with the right wordings.

Standard versions and titles of the “you” pronoun are frequently used in particular contexts, and nicknames are common.

Nonetheless, even though the basic sentence word order in Spanish and English are the same, Spanish is much more flexible when you place stressed words at sentence ends.

To overcome non-natural syntax, it would help if every translator possessed a deep language knowledge and its complexities understanding.

Spanish Language Facts

Spanish is part of the Ibero-Romance linguistic family, which comprises Galician, Portuguese, and Catalan. Spanish shares some similarities with other Romance languages like French and Italian but differs significantly from other European languages such as German, English, and Dutch.

  • Over 580 million speakers worldwide speak Spanish, which makes it the second most widely spoken language globally.
  • Alongside Catalan, Italian, French, Romanian, and Portuguese, Spanish is categorized as a Romance language.
  • Within the last three years, online Spanish use has risen by 800%.
  • Across Africa, North and South America, and Europe; Spanish is the formal language of 21 countries.
  • 18 million students, the estimated, are presently studying Spanish as a foreign language.

What Should You Consider in a Translation Service?


Some translators aren’t so urgent, but some translation jobs are of urgent need. Before deciding on the company to select, it’s vital to figure out how fast you want your translation done. Some companies deliver translated work in just hours, while others can deliver daily, weekly, and for others, it’s an ongoing activity.


Translations are priced depending on their purpose. The figure varies from company to company, influenced by various factors, including notarization and rush delivery. Charges for business translation are different from charges of proofreading/editing. A certified translator service comes with different pricing altogether. You can visit Languex Translation for accurate and affordable translation to know more.

Industry Focus 

In legal, technical, and medical industries; it’s vital to work with a translation service that recognizes your unique needs well.

Mode of Delivery 

Translation services are delivered depending on the item being translated and the company. Some companies prefer email, while others opt for mail delivery.

 Human versus Machine Translation

Whether you are seeking services from the machine or human translation, each has its benefits. If you want a quick literal translation and with no cultural fluency, machine translation is the best. Human translation on the other hand is ideal for accuracy purposes since it’s performed by personnel who have mastered language fluency.

Which Are the Best Translation Companies and Their Services?

Translation companies available on the market are many. Getting a translator partner who meets your criteria can be a challenge. Some qualities that a good translator must have include:

  • Experience
  • Punctuality
  • Quality
  • Goodwill (respect)
  • Long-term consistency

Etcetera Language Group

Over the years, Etcetera Language Group has established itself as a leading provider in the translation market. With a translation focused on desktop publishing, and professional materials for office, medical, or legal settings, they can provide their services to a range of industries across the globe.

Based in Washington DC, their team has a deep understanding of many of the languages of the world and can provide expert services to every customer. They boast significant attention to detail and professionalism, which they can offer thanks to the provision of a dedicated project manager for each account. They cover a wide range of industries, which comprise:

  • Contracts
  • Medical
  • Legal
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Engineering
  • Finance & Banking
  • IT & Computer Science
  • Website Translations
  • Telecommunications
  • Manufacturing Translations
  • Education
  • Personal Documents
  • Insurance Translation
  • Corporate Translation


Welocalize has earned a reputation as a leading translation provider. They cover translation services for business growth, to engage and maintain a global audience. They have a network of more than 30,000 freelancers and over 1,500 employees from all over Asia, North America, and Europe, who offer excellent results.

Welocalize can offer over 525 language pairs and cover over 200 languages. They have 24 years of experience. Their company rates aren’t available, but you can contact them directly to get their pricing. They cover three industries, which comprise of –

  • Workforce
  • Data transformation
  • Regulatory


Since its foundation in 1992, SDL has been delivering excellent content and language management solutions. They have come up with a strategy that places their customers’ success on every front.

Their services include testing, translation, language, and marketing solution. Clients’ services comprise professional services, training, and global client services.

SDL has 27 years of experience and covers 100 languages. Their company rates start from $75.

They cover ten primary industries, which comprise:

  • Automotive
  • Government
  • Retail
  • Legal
  • Life sciences
  • High Tech Software
  • Financial services
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Defense and aerospace
  • Leisure, travel, and hospitality

LanguageLine Solutions

LanguageLine Solutions was founded in 1982 and has stood out from the crowd at various levels. In 2018, it was nominated and won the ‘best company of the year award. LanguageLine is the world’s third-largest translation service provider.

Their services include localization, translation, training, testing, and interpretation.

They have 35 million interactions yearly, and the number keeps growing daily. They have 36 years of experience in the field of translation services and cover 240 languages.

Their rates aren’t available but can be acquired through direct contact. LanguageLine covers three main industries, namely:

  • Business
  • Healthcare
  • Government

One Hour Translation

One Hour Translation was founded in 2008. They have a network of over 25,000 translators across 100 countries. Their professionals can offer over 3,200 language pairs for translation.

Their services include website translation, proofreading, transcription, feedback tab, translation API, DTP, translation memory, localization, translation memory, email translation, integration, and glossary management. One Hour Translation has experience of eleven years that covers 75 languages. Its rate is $0.09 per hour.

Hour Translation covers twelve industries:

  • Legal
  • Financial
  • IT and software
  • Tourism and travel
  • Online gambling
  • Media and publishing
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Retail and E-Commerce
  • NGO and government
  • Mobile and video games
  • Manufacturing and engineering
  • Cryptocurrency and blockchain


TransPerfect is one of the best industry translation companies available. Their services are exceptional, which include localization, multimedia, translation, and interpretation. They own over 5,000 community translators and 90 offices distributed all over the world.

Their work is best advertised by ISO 17100:2015 and ISO 9001:2015 certification. Generally, TransPerfect has delivered about 300,000 projects yearly. It has 25 years of experience that covers 170 languages. Service rates start from $0.25 per word.

They cover eleven major industries comprising:

  • Legal
  • Finance
  • Government
  • Life sciences
  • Mining and energy
  • Hospitality & travel
  • Entertainment & media
  • Retail and E-Commerce
  • Industrial and manufacturing
  • Marketing, advertisement & PR
  • Hardware, technology & software

Mars Translation

Mars translation is among the top translation agencies whose aim is to provide their customers with a one-stop globalization platform. They have a network of more than 6,000 native translators certified by the company through test series, so they offer outstanding quality translation services.

Mars Translation is certified with ISO 90001:2008 certification. Their services include e-commerce, DTP and file, software localization, website translation, multimedia translation, and conversion. This company has 17 years of experience and covers over 120 languages. Service rates start from $0.05 per word.

They cover twenty-two industries; some of which include:

  • Life
  • Care
  • Retail
  • Games
  • Travel
  • Finance
  • Customer
  • Banking
  • Sciences
  • Technology
  • Government
  • Manufacturing

Straker Translation

Straker Translation was founded in 1999. It has been a translation solution provider to over 50,000 businesses and customers. It offers; high-quality services backed by its ISO company certification, reserved words, translation memory, and glossary.

Company services include CMS connectors, corporate and business translations, machine translation, translation automation, and personal translations.

They have 20 years of experience that cover about 80 languages. Service rates start from $0.12 per word, and they cover eight main industries, including:

  • Legal
  • Travel
  • Medical
  • Gaming
  • Financial
  • E-commerce
  • Marketing
  • Energy and mining

It’s essential to always acquire top professional translation services, which the above are considered the world-best in the offering. Note that every company is unique in its way for every business, so it’s upon you to decide which company is ideal for your translation work.

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