How to Install Android on iPhone in 5 Steps


Guide on how to Install Android on iPhone in 5 Steps.

When it comes to purchasing phones, consumers of the current generation are torn between the age-old elite Apple and the fresh, upcoming and attractive Android. The debate between Apple and Android users regarding the supremacy and inferiority of either one never seems to end, constantly fuelled by the dedicated teams of developers in both camps as well as a regular stream of consumers shifting from one of the giants to the other. It is common opinion that Apple stands strong due to its fluidity and structural wonder while Android captures more and more hearts on the back of its well developed applications. Here’s a chance to integrate both and have a ‘best of both worlds’. You can now install Android on your iPhone in 5 easy steps.


The things you need for installing Android on your iPhone are easily available. All you need for this awe-striking endeavor is a 3G supported iPhone along with a stable internet connection, irrespective of the server type. The five steps to integrate Android OS on your iPhone are :

Step 1 : Jailbreak iPhone

The first step in the attempt is to Jailbreak your iPhone. Jailbreaking an iPhone is no rocket science today, with tutorials available in both text and video format. Take the help of any search engine and you will come up with the easiest ways to ‘jailbreak’ your iPhone. This is a vital step in the process and cannot be skipped so make sure you do it with caution.

Step 2 : Install Bootlace

The next step is installing ‘bootlace’ on your iPhone and to do this, you need to have Cydia on your gadget. Install Cydia on your iPhone and follow these steps:

  • Open Cydia, tap on ‘manage’ button and select sources.
  • Click on the ‘Edit’ button on the right top side of the screen.
  • Click on the add button to the left top side of the screen.
  • You will be asked to add a repository, type ‘’ in here.
  • After this, tap on add source.
  • Following this, tap on your new added repository and install bootlace

Step 3 : Run Bootlace

  • Now close the Cydia app and start Bootlace.
  • In case you cannot find it, restart the phone and its bound to be there.
  • Now wait till the automatic download completes and patch kernel.
  • Now respond in an affirmative when it asks you to reboot the phone and wait till the phone reboots itself.

Step 4 : Install Openiboot

The 4th step consists of installing openiboot in order to install Android on your iPhone.

  • Open bootlace and install openiboot.
  • Go through the steps and make sure Openiboot is installed.

Step 5 : Click on iDroid

  • Once openiboot is installed, open it and click on the iDroid button.
  • The download is time consuming so be patient while it happens.
  • Once the download is done, reboot and restart your iPhone.

And there, you can now use Android on iPhone and revel in the lakhs of free apps available in the play store through the wondrous technical marvel of your iPhone 3G.


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