How to Increase Android Phones RAM Capacity

In this guide at AdvicesAcademy Tips & Tricks we guide you how you can increase RAM on your Android phone by using SD card storage as RAM.

Android phones are in huge demand today due to their advanced application support and sophisticated functions. But these android devices are having troubles running games and apps and appear to become gradually slow due to their low RAM size.Increase Android Phones RAM CapacityIncrease Android Phones RAM Capacity

This article will showcase how to increase Android phones RAM capacity which have already helped out a lot of people. Well one can overcome with a good RAM expander.

It is a high quality app and is a result of the new technology. The RAM expander eventually uses a section of your SD card as RAM which then speeds up your phone functionality. It is a pretty cool application which can work wonders on most of the android phones.

Increase RAM Capacity of your Android Phone

There are even other methods and applications which will help you get your cause done. You can even look up to the much hyped RAM manager and also V6 supercharger script to increase the RAM of your Android device. Comparing the both, the V6 supercharger script tends to be much more promising than the RAM manager. Sawpit RAM expander is another good application which helps you saves a lot of RAM and enhances your multitasking experience. Using all this will make your Android phone extremely fast and hassle free.

Phone Requirements

However there are a few requirements which your Android phone must satisfy. It should be a compatible Android OS phone which supports at least the basic apps. However you need the required basic memory to support the RAM increasing or any such applications. A memory space of 256mb is said to be enough for this. Downloading the swapper for root application from the Google play store will also help you determine the amount of RAM space that you want to increase. The application will then create the swp file after which your RAM is increased.

Upgrade Phone RAM Capacity

As soon as you’ve downloaded RAM expander apk file and successfully placed it on the root of the sdcard, perform the following steps:-

  • By making use of any file manager you may have, install the Apk file.
  • As you open the app, it will show you options for expansion and setting the swapiness value. At this point, you can select 2.5 GB for expansion while the other value and can set to 100.

  • If you wish to run the app on reboot, you can also select the autorun option.
  • Finally, you can close the app.

All these above mentioned tools are surely going to help you increase your android phones RAM capacity. They will help you boost your phone RAM which will result in more memory, more games and apps but ultimately a whole lot of fun. However sawpit RAM expander is considered to be the most reliable and trusted. But before making any of these changes backing up your memory card may be a wise thing to do.

This already has worked as a charm for a lot of people. RAM is one of the most important features of any smart phone. Hence get a good application from the above mentioned ones in order to enhance your RAM and enjoy a smooth experience on android. Try one of these tricks for your phone now.

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