How to Increase Android Phones Internal Storage

With the development in all kinds of technology, the cell phones have also developed. In today’s world an android phone is something that is the most sought after phone. Android phones are phone that let you download many applications and lets you use your phone like your computer. So once a person who owns an android phone, he wants to download more and more applications, but the internal storage capacity of a phone is limited, applications that can be downloaded are unlimited. And hence one would definitely want to increases the internal storage capacity of one’s android phone.  With hundreds of games that can be downloaded along with the applications, one definitely needs to increase the internal memory of one’s phone which in most cases is ridiculously low. One of the ways to increase ones phone capacity is to get the phone rooted if possible.


One cannot obviously increases the internal memory literally as that is in built but one can make the sd cards storage space work as one. A part of the memory card can be used as the internal memory where the games and applications can be directly downloaded.  One can install as many applications and games then. But for applying this method, one needs two most important things, that is, a rooted android smart phone and an application called link2SD application which helps in increasing the internal memory of your android phone.

  • Rooted Android Phone

Rooting an android phone is not an option that is available from the very beginning, but it isn’t that difficult either. All you need to do is search and look for it on Google, where you can get the instructions and root your phone. Or else there are websites where you can post your requirement and they will email the instructions to you personally. When you can finally root your phone you can move to the second phase of increasing the capacity of your phone.

  • Link2SD

Link2sd is an application that can only work on rooted phones and lets you download the games and applications that you require. It downloads all that you download on the second partition of the sd card that you will later have to create, that means this application basically links it both. And this way we can download as many applications as possible. Another benefit that this application gives is it does not stop any of the running applications of the SD card when it gets connected to the computer. Because this is only done when the SD card is divided into two parts and when connected to the pc the first part remains attached where as the second part keeps working smoothly. And then we can take the first step towards increasing the capacity of the phone that you have.

1)     A second partition needs to be created on the SD card. Which can be done in two ways, that is, via ClockWorkMod (CWM) recovery and MiniTools windows application?

CWM- in this method first you need to enter the CWM code which can be entered by switching off your phone and then switching it on while pressing the power button and the volume key at the same time utile we see a new screen which gives us the option of the advanced menu from the CWM recovery option from which we can go to the portioning of sd card option. And then select the capacity of the SD card that we would like to increase. And then we can see the portioning of the SD card which takes a little time and then we receive a completion message. All we need to do then is reboot the phone and restore the backup which we had stored before the process.

There is an alternative method too but we need a windows computer for that and in any case you can’t partition your SD card you can definitely try out this method.

MiniTool- first of all we need to connect the phone to the computer via a card reader an then download MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition which when installed one needs to note down the drive letter of the sd card because at this point of time all the data of the memory card will be gone, and hence therefore we need to store the back up before hand, ‘create as’ and ‘primary’ options are to be selected one after the other, and if file is less than 2GB, FAT is selected and if it is more FAT32 is selected. Leave some ‘unallocated space’ and do not select the whole card for the partition as this will be the second part ‘EXT’ of your SD card. Now choose the unallocated space again followed by ‘primary’ option and then choose EXT2 file system. Taking over of whole space can be done in this step and then all we need to do is click OK. It might take a little time to finish of the whole process, after this one can restore the data back on the sd card and now when you will connect your phone to the computer it will only get connected to the first part and not the second part and hence it is advisable to store data on the part which has a larger size. And now you have successfully partitioned your SD card and the next step is configuring the link2sd application.

2)     Then all we need to do is downloading and run the Link2SD application. Superuser permission is what you see on the screen and ‘remember’ when you allow the application. Without the phone being rooted, this method aint going to work. After this step the next thing to do is select the EXT2 system after selecting which the phone will get restarted upon which we can see a Link2SD screen. We then need to select OK followed by Internal. This will then show the list of application and games that are there on the internal storage of your phone; we can then select them and create a link. You can check the three boxes that then appear and the applications can get linked and transferred. Then press OK. Now every time you download things make sure it gets auto linked. Which can be done by clicking on menu and then auto link and then check all three boxes, and it is done.

Other things that we should know-

  • Never take out the SD card from your phone.
  • You can choose est2, ext3, or FAT on the second partition of your phone.

And that’s how you can increase the internal storage of your phone.

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