How to Auto Refresh any Web Page or Website at Set Timer

Auto Refresh WebsiteAuto Refresh Website

Websites over internet places dynamic content that changes frequently. Every time you visit a website, you find the content continuously variable. There are feeds and updates that constantly get updated and you need to reload the page manually every time to reach them. Auto web page refresh software is the solution to such situations. It provides a simple, handy, and customizable platform solely dedicated for refreshing the webpage at a certain interval of time. As the name suggests, it automatically refreshes the webpages with the URL provided with an adjustable timer.

Although some browsers does support the auto refreshing feature but an auto webpage refresh software presents you the refreshed content automatically along with many superb benefits.

Friendly Interface

Auto refresh software is a light and handy tool that does not require any complex installation files. You do not need to have specific skills or knowledge to operate the software, it has simple basic interface. You just need to provide the URL of the page that you want to reload and set the timer for setting the refresh rate. That is it! You are done! Once set, it automatically updates the content itself and you get the refreshed data at the specified intervals.

Unruffled Operation

The software offers smoother automatic operation and navigation. It not only automates content collection and updates but also automates the website visiting process. The ease to change URL makes it the most desirable one. The software automatically refreshes the current URL within the allotted time frequency. It never affects the browser’s performance at all, as it allows you to control your browsing tasks separately.

Simple Navigation

Auto web page refresh software offers simple navigation features. The software has its own browser window where you can enter or edit the URL and define the refresh intervals. If you are using multiple monitors then you can simply use drag and drop feature for easy navigation. It works on Flash platform which is available free to download, install, and use. If you already have it then what is better than that and if not, you can download and enjoy the ultimate automatic webpage refreshing utility.

Customizable Timer

The auto web page refresh software is a windows based application that comes with default refresh-rate interval settings. However, it provides the option to set the intervals manually as per the requirement. It allows timer settings in terms of refresh-interval and refresh-frequency settings. Enter the time in seconds for which you want to refresh the desired web page and enter the maximum refresh frequency for the number of times you want to refresh the particular URL. If you disable the frequency counter then you can enter 0.

Flawless Performance

The auto refresh software is 100% clean in terms of safety and security. It does not contain any unwanted spywares, malwares, backdoor, Trojans, and viruses. Its performance is not concerned with computer’s configuration. It just performs its basic function of auto refreshing.

Overall, the software is fairly convenient and manageable utility that serves its purpose quite efficiently. If your browser does not support the refreshing feature, then this software enables you to keep you away from the hassles of refreshing manually, the desired webpage every time. With the Auto Web Page Refresh software, you can now easily monitor feeds, timelines, updates, and many more easily and conveniently.

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